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Conestoga Restaurant
Alachua, FL 2016
Conestogas Restaurant 3/26/2016

We met today with Let's Ride Gainesville in Alachua, and watching the weather it wasn't looking very good and we really thought we were goanna get real soaked we were lucky. Before we did this route we
already knew the weather was going to be bad so we made a route the day before so we wouldn't be too far from Gainesville if it really rained hard. Our route was about 135 miles and a lot of little backroads
couple of them I never been down, one real little road there was a calf on the road, I went around him and then he was in between me and the group but he knew where the entrance to the field was and jumped
over the fence. We were not the only ones riding in the country today. Up ahead there were these bikes coming up it was the Gators Riders that's pretty cool to see some more buddies out there, other than them
we didn't see any other bikes, but looking at Facebook looked like a lot was happing in Starke. We did hit a little rain it was nothing bad soon we were riding down Main Street in Alachua were we had a great meal
at Conestoga restaurant. See you guys on the road....