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Coastal RV
Brunswick, GA 3/25/2017
Alright next stop Coastal RV in
Brunswick Georgia!!!
Everyone is set up.... time to
take the pups for a walk...
At the dog park....
Even have a neat little dock, and
must rent paddle boats...
This is our first day some nice
roads..3 different cameras kind
of hard putting the pictures in
order, this is earlier in the day
when we left heading over to
The School Diner...
I think this is the road coming
up to the Old School Diner..
I love the looks of this place
pretty cool
Tarpon Springs kind of getting a
little hungry too neat little town
that's right you know what time
it is It's Time to Feed Chef
Jerome given us a great
I remember as a kid seeing one
of these grandma was using it
Now from the outside this place
did not look this big, with all the
rooms Now you talking about
pictures there's tons of pictures
to check out on this wall
I don't know who all has eaten
here a bit Ben Affleck was one
of them
Well Michel's thinking about it
So you if you're ever in this area
need to check this restaurant
out check them out on the
website they have unusual
We did spend sometime riding
these back roads on a slow
I am sure my buddies were
wondering where we were
going, Marcia did go down
every road on Google Street
And it's been awhile so we
ended up bringing the Drone  
Another drone shot.
Just another picture heading
home on the road.
Here is a aerial view of coastal RV Resort one thing on the way
home that was pretty cool it looked like it was the Blue Angels were
given a air show in Brunswick right when we're pulling on the
interstate he could see the planes doing their thing
I think this was the last drone
Here I am so glad to get off this
big a$$ bridge!!
Some how it's easy going down,
the hard par for me is going up..
Yea you wont see me taking
pictures going up lol...
Well here we heard of The Love
Boat this is Lover's Oak do a
little different on bikes
That was one big tree
So now we're going to try
That's good alright we're getting
desperate here we are in need
of food this is about  a mile
down the road, I love Tiffany's!!!
Okay we're ready
The other side of the restaurant
okay that's enough I got to go
they got bread Tony's got it
right now, and I want a piece....
Then it was time to check out
what I call their main street!
City Hall 1886 doing a lot of
construction in front of it
Now everybody knows this fella
this is the Junior Ranger AKA Ed
We decided it's the courthouse
Oh yes sir kind of got scary here
we made our ride on 17 we're
going to the restaurant then I
started getting worried the
bridge was next just want to
make sure we didn't have to go
back over it
In a very short while will be back
on the road and more pictures
to come yeah
There's my bridge!!! You could
see it from the back deck of the
restaurant.... I made sure we
went the other way, we needed
things from Walmart!!
Well this is day three I think
we're at Fort McAllister we just
checked it out now it's time to
Just more sights along the way
We took the tour and here we
are watching a video, by the
look on Marcia's face it must be
must have been a job caring this
Officer's quarters
Officer's quarters
It was getting late, I thought we
had the Smokin Pig restaurant
here but I think it was take out.  
We ended up here with some
great chicken pot pies.
All right here we're getting ready
for our 3 hour tour
This is our boat Kind of cool
with the sun right there
On a three hour tour
We have a lot more pictures on
our Facebook album.  I found
out when I make an album on a
group page I cant share it like
my Facebook page.
Our next day checking out St.
Simons Island
Junior Range dinosauring
You know every time we come
here its visiting down town or
going to the Fort, here we are
checking some roads we never
been on.
Some really cool trees...
This is our last day riding.....
man it goes by fast!!!!
We have been here before might have been a few years ago.  The
food is great!!  picture to the right is emergency beer....
The light on our fifth wheel is
just right for our little flag at
night time...
Bikes parked ladies shopping,
like I said a lot more pictures on
our Facebook page with a lot of
voice to text mistakes lol
Yep we went over that bridge one last time.  In the video that was what I was talking about, past my last exit, now I had to go over it... you didn't  see any video or pictures on the climbing part.  Again
was a great trip, and like I said a lot more pictures on our Facebook page in the Toy Hauler section.  See you on the road......
Coastal RV  to
Old School
Old School
Diner to
Coastal RV