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Catherine's Landing
Hot Springs AR
Our Album
of the complete
trip hosted on
Part 1
This top portion here of Catherine's Landing is a little video we did of just the park
alone, we also put a few of our links here that pertain to Catherine on the way up.  
We did stay at Ameristar in Vicksburg I tried putting a link but something's wrong
with their internet  but it was definitely a neat little stop to break the trip up and
relax now as we have time we'll be adding days or parts of this adventure down
below so you'll just have to keep checking back and something we're doing a little
different this time we're putting out our GPX Maps so you can download them put
them in your GPS and do the same rides we did but remember GPS  have settings
and I've seen it so many times when we go on a ride the GPS's are saying different
things because people have them on different settings always keep a copy of the
Google Map which you can click on and you can check every road on street view
out so double check the route
I was watching my fuel
consumption gauge more
than my speed limit it had
my full attention
Our first night Vicksburg
before de Buffet
Vicksburg was just right
we didn't get there too late
so we enjoyed the evening
This is home for the next
couple weeks let the
exploring begin
Couldn't ask for a better
U.S. 65 is one nice Highway
We did enjoy exploring
El Dorado
Here were playing tourist
And we're getting very
good at it
I love checking these
statues out all the history
very interesting
This was our restaurant
couldn't find a link for it
We had a great meal and
then it was time to head
back home and let
Sprocket and Clutch out
You can tell by the shadow
it's getting later in the day
Making this webpage I'm
ready to go back!!
Sprocket & Clutch time,  
an adult beverage in our
sippy cup
Marcia is always checking
the internet out for some
interesting rides that we
might not know
There were plenty of
country roads on this ride
On a couple occasions we
were concerned about the
big dog Road
As we make our videos that determines how long the part is now up above is
our GPX route the only thing you need to know is when you go through
Smackover and come back on 7 if you're not interested in checking the
museum out you need to skip that way point if you don't you're going to head
north for a few miles to the museum also when leaving El Dorado you see a gas
station on the route, it is not the biggest one, get gas and another note when
we went the road was underwater on our route way before El Dorado, shouldn't
be that way when you guys go
May 5th - May 8th
Part 2
Now this dam isn't very far
at all from our
Campground neat little
road to
This is as close as you
could get to the dam
public parking as a little
further down
Looks like a neat place for
a picnic
One more of you of the
Dam before we leave
And once again on the
highway you can get a
little view of the Dam
Now this was a little bit
I like the part where you
don't have to pay money
just to go in and look at the
Did not notice any
swimming pool but they
got a swimming beach
At first I thought this was
the dam across the river
it's not I think it's were
electricities fed to from
the dam
Oh boy and our adventure
started a 2-mile hike
Supposed to be a half mile
I will pay better attention
next time
Once we got to the
waterfall we dreaded to
walk back
Then somebody told us it's
only a half-mile hug the
river going back unless
you love exploring the
half-mile back is nice
One more dam Dremel
damn and just a short hike
This seemed unusual and
Did get a few nice roads in
on this little trip
Now we're heading over to
Lake Catherine State Park
And here we are Lake
Catherine State Park
May 9th
Well this was one of those days where we really didn't have a ride planned thank God for
Google Maps we had one in no time and we transfer over to a GPX file think it was
somewhere really around 45  miles Catherine's Landing State Park was pretty neat you'll
want a hug the water when you go to the park in the area where the trails are at it's only a
half mile,  the other way there's some steep climbs and some steep  descent down the
mountain and is 3 miles one way....
Part 3
Definitely were some nice
country roads
We definitely enjoyed the
ride over and yes the radio
was cranking
Yes sir it's that time to
feed and they did have a
buffet here
We also found out the
owner he rides talk to him
for a while too
We had all intentions to
visit in this place again but
got too busy with other
Who was cool talking to
her waitress she sure
enjoyed hearing our
Now I'm making the web
page oh how I wish I was
Now this is the entrance to
the lodge which they do
have a restaurant there
And they also have that
magical word Buffet
certain times think on
Friday nights
Today we're just exploring
in a few days we will eat
here with Karen and Ed
The road going to the
swimming area is
beautiful I mean all the
roads are nice
Today the road was
closed next time we come
here it is open
You know on this trip we
did see some unusual tree
In this picture you can see
where the level of the lake
is real high the road is
under water
Now to finish the day with
a nice ride home and
Sprocket and Clutch are
waiting to greet us
Now it's time to digest our
meal and enjoy the ride
There's a shortcut to enter
into Park but we took the
long way to see the lake
This is De Gray Lake
Resort State Park
May 10th
Now I like this ride it had a lot of country roads in it is only about 120 to 125 miles the
restaurant was great enjoyed the food waitress was very interested in our writing and
so was the owner he rides too, food was good and like I said overall this was a neat ride
Part 4
Once again we had some
nice weather
Now to make this route
work we did have to use
the interstate to save
some time getting down
I thought I seen a junior
Ranger I did I did
This isn't very far from the
post office that's on the
state line
We got there they had
food the band playing
pretty neat
Harley-Davidson shop
On the video I said
Whiskey River
Harley-Davidson I think
that's what it used to be
Well we left our bikes in
Texas and walked over
towards Arkansas
Marcia is in Texas and I'm
reaching over to her from
This is the restaurant right
by the post office that we
ate at
And here we are and I'm
doing one of the best
things I'm good at eating
Now the fun part to take
some back roads home
Yes sir I'm all eyes and the
radio is cranked up life is
Time to fuel up in a quick
stop and I think I even had
an ice cream
Definitely some nice roads
to ride on
Always great meeting are
Facebook friends, Dave
and Pamela
Lots of bikes oh boy
where's Marcia at??
Karen's look when she
realizes her bikes missing
Here we're looking from
the post office this is
really cool one side Texas
one side Arkansas
May 11th - 13th
Well this is our first day that we're riding with Ed and Karen. We took the interstate and
beelined it to Texarkana we left Karen's bike there to get a new wheel bearing put in. So
we thought we'd take this opportunity and go downtown Texarkana and check out the
post office one side is the Texas one side is in Arkansas we are in Arkansas side eating
at Joe's but our bikes are parked over on the other State in Texas across the street
Part 5
Once again we had some
nice weather
Love going through these
little towns like checking
them out too
Here is the Dilemma do I
photograph this or do I
video this
Marcia walked up and all
the sudden she seen the
people in the cockpit
scared her
I think we ended up
spending probably 30 to
40 minutes here
Sheridan B17 Memorial
But most of the roads
were very very country I
enjoyed them
The whole route was
something like a hundred
and eleven miles
Well it was time to feed
we just had to make this
On the video I joked about
it being a buffet it was not
Definitely seem like a
pretty busy little store
Now that we have fed our
bellies it was time to
proceed on
Still had some nice
country roads but I missed
the main one next time the
GPX route is correct...
Always have a good time
sitting around the campfire
Well time to work on the
next video and web page
see you shortly
It was a quite a bit of
information there plenty of
plaques free
Okay now it's time for us
to get back on the bikes
and do some more
exploring  we had some
neat a little roads
Right here we found one of
those stretches of gravel
road which kind of gets
your attention
May 14th, 2017
Memorial for the B-17 Flying Fortress which exploded in mid air, they were from the
Smoky Hill Army Airfield Selena Arkansas  while trying to land in the field on the west side
of this road.  Now the GPX map and the Google Map have both been adjusted they are
correct we definitely had fun and again this was not one of those big big rides just a nice
getaway for the day
Part 6
What a nice ride we had
we were on Highway 7 on
our way to Nimrod Dam
There is Marcia and I
getting our picture taken
A little bit about Nimrod
Yes I tell you what the
Drone can get some very
nice pictures
The ride here like I said
Highway 7 that was nice
then Highway we turned
off that was nice some
nice roads on this ride
And guess who got to fly
today yes sir we're at the
damn and Damn-it gets to
After a great meal we're
just sitting back and
enjoying the view and it
was a spectacular View
Our last stop before
heading back to Camp
with Stouts Overlook you
got to check this place out
Looks nice in the picture
but man it really looks nice
in real life
I think we stayed here
about 45 minutes or so
just taking in the site
Marcia and Karen with a
beautiful Overlook of
Stout's Point
Marcia & Karen getting
their picture taken
Wow what have we got
here I think it's Junior
Ranger doing the Hulk
One last look of Stouts
point you got the check
this place out
Once again great weather
great friends and what a
sweet ride home
Here's the sign where
your entrance to Petit
Jean state park now this
is the Overlook here to get
to the lodge next picture is
about a mile or two
The Lodge at Petit Jean
State Park
The restaurant inside the
lodge food was good sure
would have liked to have a
window seat though
May 15th, 2017
I think this was one of our top rides on our list I mean they were all great but Highway 7 was a
beautiful ride to take, the state of Arkansas really promotes it Nimrod Dam  was a neat place to
stop and check out. Pete Jean Park,  that again was a ride you had a nice overlook we stopped at
and checked it out, then we made it to the lodge and that was a neat little place to kick back then
the best part it was Stouts Overlook and you got to check that place out it was great and ride
coming down from that mountain or whatever you want to call it was nice it was a great day
definitely if we ever go back there we will do this one one more time!!
Now this picture is pretty much
every evening we're back at camp
we probably finished eating here
and if it's cool enough we got a fire
going adult beverage in our hand
and our puppies are somewhere
nearby        life is good!!
Part 7
Now I did make a mistake
once we stopped we
realized this was a little bit
longer than we planned
we made a bigmistake
But that did not change the
fact that we had a nice
ride getting here
And once again we had
some nice weather look at
the skies here
Now it got interest in after
we left the town of Mena
This place start it
reminded me of the Blue
Ridge Parkway or the
Skyline Drive
We got a little bit of
everything with our roads
we took
We are at the parking lot
at Queen Wilhelmina
Lodge man is the wind
I wanted to fly our drone
Dam-it so bad but with this
wind I kept thinking of the
movie title Gone With the
Wind.... it would have been
Hey it's always cool
meeting other Riders
doing the same thing
you're doing
I didn't take too many
pictures inside the
restaurant but you can
check it out if you click on
the link on this page
Always amazing you put
anything out there us
explorers are going to
take pictures with it
Marcia playing engineer
And of course we will get
some pictures of the bikes
with the locomotive
Marcia and Karen in the
train that looks like trouble
This is looking in front of
the train back towards the
restaurant The Lodge
And now it was time to
crank up the radio
kickback and enjoy our
Original plan was to go all
the way into Oklahoma
and eat at Pam's Diner I
think it was we could have
made this ride if we didn't
leave at 10:30 in the
And there is Ed & Karen,
Again what a nice view
There's me and Marcia,
again the wind was
May 16th, 2017
Now this ended up being a pretty nice ride but when we planned it somehow we didn't pay attention we
originally had over 280 some miles I have already corrected the Google Map and a GPX map we had some
other back roads originally but due to time we weren't able to ride them and looking at them now some may
have turned to dirt so we have corrected the GPX map should be accurate and remember you can always
check it click on the Google icon and you can zoom in anywhere in the map with the little man and see if
there's a road there and if it's dirt or not we also put a link to Chops Steakhouse originally this was where we
were going to eat it looked very interesting also someone commented in the videos with recommendations
for this place but we never made it there we ate at the restaurant Queen Wilhelmina State Park
Part 8
With all the cameras I use
sometimes it gets
confusing these two
pictures here may have
been on the way home
Even if these first two
were out of order they
were parted of the ride
You always find
construction and again
this was the middle of May
I got to say this
Harley-Davidson store
looked different from the
other stores
This is not the main store
kind of spread out I think
this might have been used
bikes and we were parked
by service and then we
went in the main store
Heading into Little Rock on
Interstate 30 these flags
look great and they were
Well I think more than a
poker chip was involved
I got to say this is one
sweet Street Glide CVO
Our round trip was about a
hundred miles but on the
way home I did take us off
the interstate to do what I
call riding..
I could have spent a few
hours on back roads like
these but I think we only
had like 20 miles of it but
the roads did get smaller
but they were paved
Like I said before I love
seeing these old barns
also at this point we did
have a few hills to ride on
Definitely is my kind of
riding I sure enjoying this
again this was just a small
ride I think a total of 100
One more glimpse looking
back... we'll find some
more of these before we
go home!!!
We certainly didn't have to
go far from the interstate
to pull into the Harley shop
While waiting for the girls
to finish, I notice on the TV
screen, Harley's always
running their ads they got
a real neat one, and a
radio station was playing a
good song and it went
together nice to sit there
watching it awhile.
May 17th, 2017
Well rain was within forecast for us today so we decided to do a short ride it was time to get some more poker chips so we
headed over to Little Rock Harley Davidson, we took the interstate not my favorite riding but sure will get you there
fast...Well we got back and it was time to eat we didn't stop anywhere on the way home because of the chance of rain so
we got in the truck and we went to our favorite Buffet we didn't eat supper tonight no room and it seems like we're always
going to Walmart getting something not sure how tomorrow is going to turn out supposed to be some more rain we'll do
what we can .....later
Part 9
Well the weather definitely
was not looking good we
were not going to have
cabin fever so in the truck
we went
Hot Springs is definitely a
tourist attraction and
remember at Catherines
Landing to check at the
front desk for any discounts
you may be able to get
Now I don't care where
we're at we're going to
have a good time and it's
starting here

Just read
the sign
makes my
job very
Yes the water was very hot
You're definitely going to
want to bring your walking
shoes to this one
This was on their door
interest in a few things to
check out next time
This is our restaurant that
we ate at the food was
good no complaints
It smelled real good in
here too I'm glad there is
no air freshener
companies that make this
kind of smell I'd be hungry
all the time
After we ate here it was
time to do some more
Yes I
drove up
to this
and I
very low
in my
Just great I!!!! wonder if
the junior Ranger saw this
Oh boy
I don't like heights with
everybody laughing here I
must have some kind of
facial expression still on
my face
But I got to say once I got
up to the window it was a
beautiful view
Here is Marcia and let me
tell you she is in Explorer
mode this is her domain
Funny we did meet a
ranger very cool lady then
later in the day we're
looking for passes to
purchase and there she
was again we had a good
Yes sir definitely an
opportunity that we missed
We have seen this
amphibious vehicle few
times we should have
looked at their website
sooner so we could have
booked a ride
May 18th, 2017
I usually don't do this but even on another trip when
we were just on motorcycles we went through this
intersection it can be confusing you might want to
go to the Google Map & picture map I have  here
and then on the right-hand bottom corner click on the yellow man and then click on
your exit there to see what I'm talking about even when I knew about it I almost
messed up
I usually don't do this but even on another trip when
we were just on motorcycles we went through this
intersection it can be confusing you might want to
go to the Google Map & picture map I have  here
and then on the right-hand bottom corner click on the yellow man and then click on
your exit there to see what I'm talking about even when I knew about it I almost
messed up
Part 10
The weather there was
right and of course we
definitely start out with
some nice roads this was
Karen's ride that she had
Since we didn"t stay at a
Holiday Inn Express we
had to make this do for us
Always love going through
these little towns and
always wondered what
they were like back in the
And here we are this is
our restaurant that were
eating at today and if I
remember there was also
a museum here cuz I had
a ride coming to this town
White House Cafe this is a
pretty neat place in again
with history I'm sure
there's a lot of history
here definitely an old
building I love places like
Lot of color a lot of
Wow I guess if Junior
Ranger wasn't the Junior
Ranger he would probably
be the Junior Engineer
what do you think?
The Visitors Center I
forgot what the hours are
but you might look at one
of the links I put up there
maybe you can find what
days they are open
Then once again it was
time to head home and we
were enjoying the sights
especially these old
This is where I always
running into a problem do I
shoot video or do I take a
I think I tried both on this
video and picture this was
a cool little Bridge we
want under I'll see you
when I make the video
Then it was time to crank
up the radio and just sit
back and take it in
Right here we're passing
DeGray Lake,  will be
visiting the state park one
more time before we leave
I believe
Yeah our days are getting
shorter I don't even want
to think about it
Now we have done very
good with the rain only a
couple times that we get
wet and not too wet at that
Picture what it looked like
inside also there was
upstairs I walked up there
I didn't see much going on
up there but they definitely
had plenty of room
They also had a menu on
the chalkboard, I can't
remember what I ate that
There is a little bit of
history when you look at
this picture and all the
railroad tracks there and
remember right across
the street The Visitor
Center is the Old Railway
May 19th, 2017
Well like I said Karen made this one,  definitely a nice ride great weather just a little bit rain at the end I'm
glad to finally get close to the end of this trip for a website ironically Marcia is working on maps everything
for our next trip which is about 5 or 6 weeks from today I got to get this finished
Part 11
Well this is Saturday it's raining
there's no riding today but we do
have a problem with one of our
tires and today I'm going to get it
patched and use it as a spare
also buying a new tire
Now if you go up to the
office they have a map of
three or four Trails for you
to take their pretty cool
Now this was back in May
I don't know how it is all
your long but the dogs had
a couple of ticks and I did
I was surprised had a
keep all these Trails
mowed  that was a pretty
neat little walk
Yeah our Misses Clutch
was not slipping today she
was leading the way
especially after she saw
that dear
This was cool there's a
deer up there the picture
isn't very clear we seen a
couple of deer while
walking these trails
Yes you could hear the
thunder it just makes it
that much more interesting
I remember Ed was looking at
his radar while we're riding  
we found this church to pull in
I don't think we changed our
route but we were looking at
our radar to see exactly what
were getting into
Then we made it to our
restaurant about the time
we made it there to rain
almost stopped when we
left it was done
You can tell when it was
raining we had that
overhang that we pulled
up underneath
Are right silence
grasshopper it is time to
Feast let's see what kind
of hamburgers this place
does have
Not too shabby I can
handle this now leave me
Then we had a pretty neat
little ride home some nice
Country Roads another
great day in the books
Back at the home front
after a great welcoming
home from Sprocket and
Clutch again  Ed is starting
to fire
How do you like this guy
red sky at night Sailor's
Delight I'll take it
Then came Sunday
morning Karen had
another ride for us to do
we're going to check out a
place that has some good
Once again we had some
clear skies the weather
was nice and the radio
was cranking out the tunes
Yeah our trip is starting to
come to end the days are
May 20th - May 21st, 2017
This was one of our first
stops it's the expressway
I don't even think we got
fuel here I don't think the
trip was that long
Well the sky started
getting darker it was time
for us to put our rain gear
on I think this may have
been the first time
Isn't that a beautiful
picture I call my steak a
buffet steak!!!
Then it was time just to
kick back by the fire all of
us including the puppies,  
life is good
The Hermit has no
Facebook or web page so I
put a map here to show it
sackley where it's at
Well that finishes off another two days the Saturday when it rained and we got our tire
fixed and then Sunday when we went for the hamburger ride now I don't carry the camera
with us everywhere we go I mean we're cutting up going to the liquor store we're cutting
up at the grocery store we carry our little like CB radios and me and Ed are always getting
each other in trouble you don't see that in the video for something like that you got to have
a reality Channel we don't this is the best we can do hope you enjoy our  web page
Part 12 The End!!
This brings us to an end
this is our last day riding
around Hot Springs
And once again we have
beautiful weather couldn't
ask for anymore
We hit a few more of our
little back roads we
wanted to check out I
think the name of the town
is on the top of the stack
One thing that did surprise
me I did not see as many
barnes and farms as I did
when we were in Eureka
DeGray State Park this is a
nice place the bikes are
parked we're going inside
the lodge to eat
It's nice when you don't
have to take direct route
always looking for that big
dog Road
Always love turning the
radio up and cruising
these back roads
This really is the last
picture of riding our
motorcycles on the trip
Lake Catherine State Park
this is where they have the
waterfall remember
unless you're into walking
stay by the water that's
the short way
Where we parked the
bikes if you look to the left
you see the water follow a
trail by the water and it'll
take you right to the
waterfall and it's an easy
The first time me and
Marcia came oh what a
long hike we had no idea
what we were getting into!!
I got to say I was under the
impression that this was
one big big waterfall it
wasn't but it was nice
This is probably right
before we loaded the
bikes up boy does time go
by fast!!!
We're on our way home
we have just stopped at
Azalea Acres taking our
time getting home Marcia
is finishing the setup
In the morning we only
have about 4 hours and
will be home but then I
know before we get to the
house Marcia will be going
where we going next??
I did find out I think on
Friday nights they do have
a buffet
Now whenever you're by
the water and you have
your bike it always takes a
nice picture here's
Marcia's bike
Riding in here on this
section we noticed a lot of
RV's  here they have a
nice Campground
May 22nd - May 25th

We will continue to make our
videos after we have finished our
Home sweet home love
making these trips but it is
nice getting back home
There is a short section of
the road from here to
where the intersection
is...  it is nice!!!
Well this brings us to end of our Catherine's Landing trip we had a blast
remember on our Facebook page as far as the motorcycle rides go when we're
on these trips we do try to post every evening the pictures of that day riding with
some captions with them.  The website usually is not made until well after we been home and the
videos do take some time....  on this webpage I decided to go ahead and finish the trip and for the first time  we have added
GPX Maps so you can download them and put them in your GPS also we always include a Google map you can zoom in on the
see what the roads look like,  street view it's nice and we've added that to all these trips for you to get a better perspective and
maybe plan your fuel stops.  I also want to mention an app (GPX Viewer) nice to have, you can go to our webpage of the trip
here and click on the GPX route your doing and it will show it for you.  Now I'm going to add a couple more GPX routes below
these we did not do but wanted to and the best we can tell they should be pretty accurate if you do them let us know on
Facebook how it was.   Well I need to get going now we've got a lot going on here Marcia has already started the maps on our
next trip and looking for things to do when we're there.   The beginning of September we will be on the road once again
Be sure to call first if I remember
right they're closed Monday
Tuesday and Wednesday This
sure looked like a nice little ride
that we had planned and it was
only like 70 miles
Now I love looking at Stones picking up shark teeth stuff
like that but on the other hand you never know over here if
we visit this place doing the things I like doing we may even
be able to pay for his trip right now!!!
Now we've been here before  the
toy hauler when it was just
motorcycles and somehow I
missed the lodge
Like I said these are some of the
rides we would love to have made
we just ran out of time and again
let us know how they worked out
Now I love looking at Stones picking up shark teeth stuff
like that but on the other hand you never know over here if
we visit this place doing the things I like doing we may even
be able to pay for his trip right now!!!