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Castaways Astor, FL 2016
Castaways 4/3/2016

Once again it turned into a beautiful day, not too hot, and a lot of fun with a lot of our buddies. The one person missing today was Marcia, once again busy at work. Karen
posted this ride on LRG and it definitely was a neat ride, we met at the usual place Home Depot and Subway by 441 in Gainesville. After we went through some nice country
roads, we took a quick break in Fort McCoy where we picked up Tony and Vickie. Next we went over my favorite Bridge, my buddy Javier likes this bridge too, we've
entered into the Ocala national forest and right when we're coming up on Astor we made a left and that's where Castaways is. There was a group of about 27 bikes ahead of
us but they were there a good 45 minutes before we came, our group was 16 and I got to say they got us in and out in a reasonable amount of time. The food was good, I
didn't hear anybody complaints. After our meal it was time to point them back towards Gainesville, along the way Tony and Vickie split from us, and headed back home.
Made one last stop in McIntosh where we said our goodbye’s, and we were there probably a good 15 minutes, then we headed on home and as we got closer you would see
more and more bikes leaving our group. Another great weekend, nice ride Karen, and next weekend Marcia gets to join us! See you guys on the road…….