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It is amazing how fast these rides go I mean we've been waiting and waiting and here I am making the webpage and the ride has been over for 2 weeks. The usual excitement for me and Marcia we left the house
this time a little different I had Marcia do some driving, hey you never know when some of these big Bridges show up, I have to have Marcia ready for it we still are not as fast setting up as we were with the
Raptor but we're getting there, we were looking forward to meeting two of our Facebook friends that we never met before David and Tammy it was great meeting them we had a lot of fun. The first full day when
we rode to Beaufort South Carolina what a nice little town. Time was going by fast and we didn't finish everything we wanted to but we got most of it in, ate at a nice restaurant then later that evening spent a lot
of time talking around the campfire I'm sure in the future will be sitting around the campfire and riding together many more times to come. Starting off our first day of riding with them we're all ready to go and
Marcia’s bike had a dead battery well that's no problem because I always carry one of those little jumper boxes I mean the real little ones but this time even my little jumper box was dead so I convinced Marcia
that I was the one that was going to drive so she rode on the back of my bike. Our second day riding the first thing we're going to do is go to Savannah Harley-Davidson and get a new battery I had put a little
trickle charge on her bike the night before so the bike crank right up in the morning but even if it didn't I had a brand-new jump box that I carry in the trunk of my bike. Unfortunately, Dave and Tammy were
heading back this day so we said our goodbyes and then we bee-lined it on 95 to Savannah Harley-Davidson. I got to say soon as we got there within 5 minutes Marcia’s battery was out of her bike, I had a few
things to do on the computer and before I could even finish they were already giving me my receipt and everything on the bike was done, that was very quick now we stopped here many a times in the past, few
times on the bikes but mainly on our way to North Carolina we always pulled into Savannah Harley-Davidson after we left the Harley shop we head over to Skidaway State Park we're at the same time looking at
other places that we can set our RV up at.  The park was nice but my concern is whenever we do any rides we would most likely have to deal with quite a bit of Savannah's traffic in the area so I'm kind of
Crossing this one off the list now the other one was The River's End and that too is very nice park a little expensive but great location but once again if we are doing these motorcycle trips day trips Savannah
traffic is going to be a hassle leaving and coming back so we cross this one off our list.  O the way home I went underneath that big Highway 17 Bridge Crossing the Savannah River with a big smile on my face;
unfortunately about 25 to 30 minutes later where we may have made two or three miles that big smile I had was gone, I should have put my fears of going over out of mind, it would have saved a lot of time but I
modified the route so you're not going through the port if you didn't go over the bridge and corrected on both Google Maps GPX Maps.  Once again we got back to camp at dark, man what a great welcome we
always get from Sprocket and Clutch. The next day our trip was to go to Low Country Harley-Davidson which we did and we went by the Old Sheldon Church Ruins.  We did get a very late start and it looked like
it was going to rain later after we leave the Harley shop and traffic is very heavy around Charleston we found out. We bee-lined home the quickest way which meant lot of 95 and the last five miles we got wet.
Wednesday morning was coming and we knew our buddies ED and Karen they were going up into South Carolina and we were not very far out of the way so we got with them and we went to another restaurant
and had lunch together after talking having a good time it was time for them to leave and us to head back to the RV Park. When we  got back we walked around the park.  They have some Trails back there too
also Sprocket with his flashlight, let me tell you he can get some conversations going it's cool watch him when it's real dark, people don't know what that thing is coming through the grass.  Well the next thing we
woke up to Thursday morning rain rain rain we already had planned where we're going to eat Thanksgiving at and we had a nice ride, It was going to be nice but with the rain which never let up, we ended up
taking the truck and ate our Thanksgiving meal which was great and then we pretty much headed right back home to the RV Park.  Friday morning, we loaded up the bikes put the dogs in the truck and we headed
home man did that go fast but you can be assured we're coming back in this area and we're going to have a few more maps, and a little more prepared next time. Well finishing up this webpage I'll have another
one to make within a month we have another trip coming up road until then……