Camera set up
Here is our set up from left to right, fanny pack to hold the camera, then the camera, waist strap to hold
the camera and dog leash steady.
Original neck strap which came with the camera attached
to the dog leash, which I took apart and set a length and
tied a knot inside so it will only come out a measured
distance.  The camera still may get damaged but will not
hit the ground in case you have to drop it fast
This is an extra strap to keep the dog leash close to my
chest.  In the past when I did not use this there were
times when I lift the camera to a high position and the
strap would come off my neck.  Also the strap would
vibrate and shack camera with out it.
Here is a picture from the bottom of the original camera
neck strap attached to the dog leash, then attached to the
camera (here with a beefy O ring for shock if dropped)
Another view of the O ring for shock.  You may
experiment and use something else.
When taking video, I have no camera mount.  I put the strap of the camera around my neck.  I also wear a fanny pack,
so when I finish my shot I leave the pack open and set the camera in it.  That way I don't mess up my gas tank with
scratches and if it rains I am covered.  When I film I do not use the view finder, I just turn the camera on, and make sure
the zoom is all the way in, then point and shoot.  The camera I use is a Sony Handycam DCR-HC42 NTSC.  My cam also
has an easy button which I use that way if I hit the back light button it will not allow it to turn on.

Lately I have taken a small retractable dog leash attached it to the camera strap that goes around my neck, then take
another strap that goes around my lower chest and back to the leash.  Then clip the leash end to my camera (the end
that attachés to the dog collar).  I also had to shorten the length of the lease so if I drop the camera it will not hit the
road.  I did this by taking it apart and tying a knot inside the retractable leash at the appropriate length.  This allows
more movement of the camera.

Take a lot of video, I have found so many times that I have hit the zoom button and had bad video.  Soon as I turn it on I
hit the zoom a couple times and hope I have turned it off.   Then I use Pinnacle Studio 11 to do all my editing. I hope this
answers most of your questions.  Good luck, looking forward to see some video.   Michel T
You know I forgot that
I had made this video;
I was updating the site
with the location of
hits map when I came
across this page.  So
many times people
have asked me how I
shoot our video hope
this helps.  The video
is a few years old.
Michel Marcia
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It is now July, 2013.  I still use the same process to get video.  My cameras have changed since I
have originally wrote this article.  Since this video and article I have had 2 newer cameras.  Now I
am also using Pinnacle Studio 16.  The main feature I look for is to be able to shoot video with out
opening the screen on the camera, and a great stabilizer built in on the camera.   I am also adding
the Go Pro camera to my videos.  Starts to make it a long process in editing my video but is nice
to have the Go Pro to help out.