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Bushnell, FL 2018
ToyHauler Trip
Pictures of todays
ride hosted on
November 18th - November 22nd
Bushnell exploring trip 2018 part 1
Well here we are in Bushnell Florida, we want to see how we handle larger amounts of time in the
RV for future big trips. today was the first day of riding, our pace has really slowed down from
being on a mission to ride as much as we can to just ride two or three times a week. No rush this
morning main thing we needed to do was to get Marcia's phone fixed. We didn't want a direct
route I started looking at Google Maps and seen some interesting roads that led to The Grove at
Wesley Chapel at Best Buy so I started a route, which turned out to be a great ride and realized a
lot of the roads we've been down before on day rides from Gainesville. We ate at neat little
restaurant (Pancho's Villa Mexican Restaurant) in the little town of San Antonio. San Antonio isn't
that big but sure looked interesting. Then it was back to the RV then siting around the fire pit......
tomorrow is Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving everyone....
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Pictures of todays
ride hosted on

GPX  File
Pictures of todays
ride hosted on
Bushnell Exploring Trip 2018 Part 2
Today's ride, Karen had made our route we're going to the town of Zephyrhills eating at a neat little restaurant Creative Souls Cafe, we also
walked around some of the old part of town for a little while. Also on the way we went by the Webster Flea Market which I think is only open
on Mondays which will be another ride. Then since we're in camping mode we will be stopping by the Walmart in Dade City, the weather
was nice no jacket needed the scenery changed a little more, doing this easy pace it's like we just moved home 90 miles south and this is
our new riding area. Hope to have a little video today's of yesterdays ride later this evening until then...
Go Gators!!!
November 23rd
Our You Tube Video
Our You Tube Video
Our You Tube Video
Pictures of todays
ride hosted on
Bushnell Exploring Trip 2018 Part 3
This was another Let's Ride Gainesville trip and today Wayne Peterson led the ride. They had a nice-sized group and the weather was great!
Now me and Marcia, Ed, and Karen also friend we made, who was also named Ed left Bushnell to rendezvous with the main group coming
from Gainesville area. For us riding pretty much a Direct route. Timing could not have been better we just got off our bikes put our helmets
up and I could hear motorcycles coming, it was our group. It was a different feeling not riding with everybody but meeting up here. I tell you
what we have some great people in our group it was great seeing everybody and it looked like to me everybody was having fun that's what
it's all about. Having a good time and even had a two-person band playing which sounded pretty good. there were lots of conversations
going on and soon it was time to say goodbye. After the group left we headed towards Ozello Trail since our friend Ed never been on it we
decided to ride it. With a brief stop at the end of the trail then some neat little back-roads heading back to Bushnell. Another great day seeing

Our Video
coming soon!!!
will be posted
November 25th
I didn't make a photo album as I go this always helps be keep
check of what we did were we went etc...  All I have is the video of that day.
December 5th 2018
Our You Tube Video
Playing catch up this is from our
Bushnell trip in 2018 just now
8/17/2019 making the video.  This is
Part 6 where we rode to Homosassa
Springs and ate at the Freezer  Tiki
Bar.  This place is one of my
favorites but the weekends can be
very busy on this trip it was on a
Monday.  The food is always Great
and always looking forward to going
The Freezer Tiki Bar Homosassa, FL 2018
Our You Tube Video