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Boston Main Street Cafe
Boston, GA 2016
Definitely, this is my favorite day trip. We did this back in 2015 in September I think it was a lot greener looking we had the same route that we did in September going up and man I tell you there's some nice
Country Roads we touch on this route! The pictures on our website are in order I'm not putting captions under every picture but I can tell you we started in Alachua by Brown Country Buffet and the Kangaroo gas
station, from there we headed on our Boston trip. A lot of back roads, nice back roads then we did take a break about 11:30 and everybody stretched their feet a little, and we got some snacks, then we proceeded
on to Boston Georgia, now one of the neat sites you can see in the video is when we came up to Quitman they have a nice-looking Courthouse there right off of Highway 84, and we headed right towards it, was
really cool looking then some really nice looking Country Roads that was sweet! I got to say that the roads were a little rough too once we got in Boston we took a few pictures like we always do, we walked
around then it was time to eat, remember on Saturdays and Sundays they close by 2 o'clock so we went in, I didn't hear any complaints from the meals never have, everyone was happy.  After we ate it was kind
of funny with her waitress I told her you know if you want to say anything about the restaurant here on a video I'll record you, I started recording with my cell phone and waiting for her to say something he would
just stand in there cuz I was using my cell phone I guess they thought I was taking the picture was kind of funny. After leaving Main Street there just about 2 blocks away is a gas station but they only have three
pumps there two pumps but only three handles we filled up our bikes then we left there and found our first dirt road so that kind of messed up our route!  So we backtrack, the map now is correct for going home
and it looks like a great ride but you still may want to wait a little while because as we got some miles on our route we started running into obstacles like the bridge is out, and I guess it was from the flooding so
we had to reroute a little. Everything was looking good, then we hit another bridge is out sign, so we had to reroute to almost the same route we used coming, we did take one more break I'm trying to think right
now where was that well we did stop at one of the roads which went right into the water, look like a beautiful boat ramp but from there we made it all the way into Live Oak.  Stopped at one of the convince stores
we use as a ending point to say goodbye to everybody.  Still had another nice ride riding home and I don't think I have any pictures of that stop but I do have it on video. Definitely this is my favorite day trip now
we did this back in 2015 in September as I said, think it was a lot greener looking, we had a new route coming home round trip is just over 300 miles, new route home should  be real nice too! See you on the
road!  Follow us on Facebook, you will see some of the smaller rides that do not make it here. GET OUT AND RIDE!!!
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