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Hey Guys today is Tuesday 3/10/2015 Marcia and I went to Bike Week in Daytona yesterday and we are doing it again in a few minutes.  This is where our page
will be, but I thought I would put it up way early for some of the pictures on Facebook and video clips as we go on our You Tube (2nd channel)  I will not be able
to add any more today on this web site. I will add today on our Facebook and You Tube (2nd channel) then hope to up date this page in the next day or two.  
Today will be just going to main street may be beach street and Destination Daytona don't expect to be in Daytona until 12:45 pm
Our Facebook and You
Tube channel that we will
be posting as we go today
I keep saying it, one of these years we are going to get a place to stay for Bike Week, and also been saying it for Leesburg Bike Fest.  Marcia and I decided to make 2
day trips to Daytona, for us about 100 miles one way, which is nice.  The pictures are in order for the two days which where Monday 3/9/15 and Tuesday.  Monday we
started out with first picture a selfie at the Marathon gas station north of Gainesville, with smiling faces! Our first stop was Iron Horse, we always pay for parking but
you get a free beer with the $5.00 fee.  We explored Iron Horse ran in to some friends.  I prefer Iron Horse later in the day for a last stop with a couple of adult
beverages.  I can spend hours checking the views out there, but for us this first day we had a lot of territory to cover.   Just a short way up maybe a mile or two on
the right past the little bridge you have River Grill, I thought this place would have no room; it was almost full, a great place to eat great food great view and quick.  
Next stop was Main Street we walked both sides enjoying the view of all the bikes and people, I could spend all day just watching the bikes and people go by.  From
here we headed to the Speedway.  We were on a mission for Marcia to see about getting some heated grips.  The job would take too long for them to install, so now
it was onto our last stop of the day Destination Daytona.  We walked around; time once again was against us.  We did see our buddies Jerry & Donna walking after
their show and said hi.  Now it was time to say good-bye to Daytona and head home.  Our ride was great, what a nice day and now nice evening / night.  You know
we both do like riding at night except for the constant looking for deer and wildlife which takes a lot of the ride away.  We made it home about 9:40 pm GREAT DAY!  
Tuesday morning came, after a cup of coffee; I asked Marcia, you want to go to Daytona?  I knew what her answer was going to be.  Today it was a late start, but
today we already decided we would only check out Main Street & Beach Street which we did.  In the pictures the next selfie was the start of the pictures for day
two.  We walked Main Street, listen to music, and checked all the people.  Did make a quick stop at Froggy’s and enjoyed a beer.  Then we make a stop at the Lucky
Rooster for FOOD!  Then we were checking more sites out, next stop was Beach Street, where we walked around then headed home.  This time we took SR 40
heading home where as yesterday we took Hwy 100 home, both days we took SR 100 to get to Daytona.  We got home a little earlier, more daylight on the ride
home.  As I am writing this Bike Week is still going on, one part wants to get on the bike and head that way, the other is ready to do our regular riding which we will
be doing now…. Hope you Guys HAVE FUN THERE!!!!
Alright we have made both days and have just now updated our little trip.  Below is the write up and a few pictures off of our Facebook page.  To see all
of our pictures click the upper right side (Facebook Pictures) Soon as I can make a little video I will link it here from our main You Tube Channel
Day one fueling up in Gainesville
On the road to Daytona Beach
Always enjoy Iron Horse, and once again we got our T-Shirts
Daytona Beach Main Street  we spent most of our time here
Destination Daytona always a must to check out.  Be sure to visit our Facebook pictures above
Until I get 2015 video out here is our trip from last year click
Bike Week 2014