Bikers on Parade 2014
Michel Marcia
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Bikers on Parade 2014
11/9/2014 ·  · Taken at Santa Fe College
Bikers on Parade 2014
When we left our house I could see puddles on the road, some good sized ones on our way to our meeting place, niece to get the rain out of the
way. We met up with Let’s Ride Gainesville at David’s BBQ. What nice weather, just the right temperature. Our group left David’s BBQ and
headed over to Santa Fe College, I felt like I was going back in time. It’s been awhile since we had this event, and I am happy to see it come back!
We staged early enough to have plenty of time to walk around and see old friends. Time moved along and soon it was time for our ride. Our ride
was just a bit over 30 minutes. We ended up at the race track. There we ate some great food that COWBOYZ BARBQ catered, and they also
quenched my fears of having a small portion, plenty of meat on that bun. Also provided our drinks and had a band playing. For starting this event
again, looked like we had a good size more than I thought it would be. You could tell a lot of people were involved with making this event happen,
Thank You, and above all Thank You to our Veterans!