Bayport Inn
Weeki Wachee, FL
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Michel Marcia
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Looking at where to go for our ride on Sunday started getting complicated.  Originally we were going to Jekyll Island in Georgia.  
They were having a shrimp fest and closing the old section down, plus we would have to park one place and be shuttled to the fest,
along with the $5.00 per vehicle to enter the Island.  You know maybe in a car it might work out to $1.25 per person or in a bus a lot
less, but $5.00 per motorcycle is wrong.   So next place to go was to St. Mary’s which is a neat place to visit, we love it.  I was
setting the ride up and thought I would call just to see at what point we would need to call ahead, 10 people 20?  I am glad I called,
seems like on Sunday everyone by the old section of town is closed.  Then I thought of the time Jerry & Donna took us to Bayport
Inn, we made a call to see if they could joins us, and they could.  
I think the mileage was around 106 miles with the route we took down there.  We did take a different way from Gainesville to the
Bayport Inn, just so it would be a different ride home.  I told Bayport Inn we would be there by 1245 we pulled in around 1240.  When
planning the route I will see what the map program says and then add about 30 minutes for a stop and then another 30 – 40 minutes
just because it never works out this did put us there right on time.
As we were pulling up it looked like good timing Jerry & Donna I think just got there too.  Here is Jerry’s project bike he has been
working on looks great.  In the back ground you can see what looks like a channel to get to the Bayport Inn.  On the way home I did
think about Jerry and his bike while looking through my windshield full of love bugs.
Now we made a quick stop in Williston to pick up 3 more riders which brought our total count for the restaurant to 23.  I called and
they were all set up when we got there, worked out great.  The food was good and the portions were good too.  Out of our whole
bunch I did not hear any complaining.  I don’t think it took more than an hour to take the orders and feed us, sure seemed quick.
Everybody is having a good time.  Harold on the left here cracked us up on the way home you will have to check the video out.  In
the back ground they seem to have a nice bar too.
I am just going to put more pictures below of Bayport Inn just so you can get an Idea of the place.
I can’t believe I did not take any pictures of this gator.  A lot of the restaurants we visit here in Florida I have not seen a gator when
I had my camcorder; I know they are there, but this time I had to pull it off of the video.
The picture above is of High Octane in Crystal River.  When in the area we find ourselves visiting here quite often.  We plan on
making an overnight trip here one day.
This is inside by the band area of High Octane in Crystal River.  This was our last stop before the I call our say good bye stop.  
The weather is starting to get better for riding.  From here we bee lined it to Archer and stopped, everybody said good bye, and
went their own way.   Next trip is the fall rally Thunder Beach; we are looking forward to it.  This time we will have 40 plus people
going, I ought to have a lot of video that I won’t be able to use, but will have enough to make a video and web page of the trip.  
See you on the road……..JUST GET OUT AND RIDE!!!!