Aunt Kate's St.
Augustine 2015
Michel Marcia
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Aunt Kate's St. Augustine, FL
December 20, 2014 ·  · Taken at Aunt Kate's Restaurant
We posted this on LetsRide Gainesville and we had I think 11 riders. Man I just love this weather, it sure beats the heat. We met up at our usual
place and headed towards St. Augustine. It was almost 2 hours and we were there! The restaurant is another keeper! The parking for bikes is dirt
but packed good. This place is right on the ICW and right next door to a park and public boat launch. I am going to have to stop doing this but
once again you could order double meat for your hamburger, and it was good, service seemed good and the food was too. Like always after we
order the food I take off and start taking some pictures so you can see what it is like. Wow the tide really moves here! After we ate 6 of our group
was Bee lining it home. The other five followed the map in the pictures with a stop at High Tide Snacks Jacks. After a refreshing beverage we
headed to Destination to visit the JP cycles, I needed to get Marcia an extended chrome ring for her Truck light on here bike. Here we ate up a
little time but I am glad I tried to fit the ring because it did not fit, but did get the part number for the ring but it is not out yet. When we left
Destination we decided to say our goodbyes here and put on our night time glasses. It soon turned dark and I just enjoyed hearing my radio
cranking out the tunes. The only thing I don’t care for too much is trying to see where the deer are. Overall it was another great trip with great
friends, good food, nice ride, and don’t forget the DOUBLE MEAT!!!!
This is also the same route we took for Caps on the
Water in St. Augustine, they are only about a mile
from each other
A little video of
High Tides @
Snack Jack
Another nice day for a ride this is like I said earlier the same route for Caps on the Water in St. Augustine, FL
With both restaurants you can always take a nice ride along the beach and check out High Ties at Snack Jack then onto Destination Daytona or the White Eagle Lounge
Hard packed sand not bad for parking
I don’t think this is as big a Caps on the Water, but it has its own neat view and is very worthwhile checking it out!
Remember you can get double meat here if you’re hungry!!!
Nice riding area around Flagler Beach
This is a neat stop here, we tried to stop here again several months later but sometimes parking looks like a pain with a group and it was the next trip when we visited
Caps on the Water, but you still have the White Eagle Lounge and get to enjoy some of the Loup, until next time……….
I tell you it is a nice sight to your eyes checking places like these out could have sat here most of the day just enjoying it
Even had a bait shop right there and there was a bar too, don’t think you were allowed to cast your line then walk to the bar to enjoy a drink, that would be cool…