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My name is Michel, and my wife's name is Marcia. I work on a harbor tug boat for the last 30 years, for the same
company. My wife is a RN, and has also worked for the same hospital for the last 34 years. I was an Air Force brat,
moving we did when I was younger, I always called Bath, NC home. Now we call Alachua, FL home. At fifteen my
dad was stationed at Edwards AFB, CA. Edwards is pretty much in the middle of the Mojave Desert. I remember
moving into base housing standing in the front yard thinking this is going to be a long 18 months, until I heard that
buzzing sound. Far off what ever it was, sounded mad. The closer it came, the better it sounded, then I saw it, dirt
bikes. I watched them climb hills shooting 30' rooster tails, I was hooked. So I got my first real bike. We rode every
day, so many different types of terrain, made a few big trips to Red Rock Cannon, we had a blast! It's ironic my first
impression of Edwards AFB, was of sadness be stuck here, and my last impression was of sadness having to
leave this great riding area. As the years went by, I never got back into motorcycles. Cars, and boats, I was into. I
married. This time, it was what I always had expected a marriage to be and still is. Our first hobby we got into was
married. This time, it was what I always had expected a marriage to be and still is. Our first hobby we got into was
boating. We did that for 3 or 4 years mainly on the St. John's River. Our boat's name was (Dock Knocker II) what a
boating. We did that for 3 or 4 years mainly on the St. John's River. Our boat's name was (Dock Knocker II) what a
great name for a boat. People see you coming to dock next to them, all you had to do was spin the boat around so
they could see the name of the boat, and make your arms shake a little, every body was wanting to catch a line for
you, especially the one's that gave it some thought like, what happen to Dock Knocker I. (we never had a boat
name Dock Knocker I) but it worked. At this time in life, years have gone by since I rode a motorcycle. Then it
happened. One weekend while on watch, this friend of ours, a barge captain (we always shifted his fuel barge)
bought a new bike and was talking about it. He came over to the tugs to show it to us. There were about 4 or 5 of us
off the boat checking it out. He was there for at least two hours. There would be moments of talk, then silence. One
of the silent moments I looked up at my shipmates and could see they where a hundred miles from here. We were
all dreaming of the open road, the country, the wind in our face, that beautiful sound from the pipes, and a nice
sunny day. Man we were all pumped up. I called home that night, and told Marcia, I am going to buy a motorcycle.
The first thing Marcia said was, I don't want you getting a bike!
and said no just load it in the truck, I admit I was a little scared. I got it home, oh she was beautiful. Marcia was still at work. I sat there looking at
the bike for twenty minutes. Then took it for a ride, I stayed the speed limit, but when I got to the end of the long road and turned around, a lot of
you guys are like me, I had to see how fast it would go. For me what a rush, what a smile, and she did not go 360 mph? Marcia got home, she
loved the looks, I told her give me a week to learn how to ride before we go two up. The next morning there I was sitting on the bike in the
garage, Marcia comes in dressed to go some where. So I got off the bike, told her that I was getting ready. She said well we are taking the bike?
I told her I just got the bike, it's been 20 or more years since I rode, and that was in the desert. Then she said it, what are you a p---y? Now this is
coming from my best friend, who 5 days earlier told me I don't want you getting a bike because they are dangerous. So off we rode for our first
time on the bike. Boy we have been missing it. This was great. We still had our boat, but as time when by we would make trips on the weekend
on the bike, the only thing would pop up in my head was, we are still paying for a boat, insurance, and dock age. The end to Dock knocker II
had come. Then we got a bigger bike, our helmets no longer hit when shifting gears, and we could carry thing for overnight trips. I started
noticing something with Marcia, every time we were next to an other bike (in the cage or on the bike) she would ask me, is that bike to big for
me? I would always answer no, and ask her, do you want a bike?. She always said no. Then it got more apparent, I would walk in to the bed
room and see her sitting on the bed with her hands out like she was riding a motorcycle, giving it throttle and working the clutch. Of course
when she realize that I was there she would quickly put her hands down. Again I would ask, do you want a bike? She always answered no.
This went on for some time. Now we are at a point where we have a lot of friends who ride. This one day we rode down to Ocala, to the Harley
shop. I see one of my friends go to his wife, honey you want that bike? Well, I can play this game too, because I know what the answer is. So I'm
standing there, being cool, with a louder, and deeper that usual voice, look at Marcia and say HONEY, YOU WANT THAT BIKE BABY? And she
looked at me with that same smile as alway, and said YES. Man, I kept my composure with a smile, but inside my head I kept thinking, she said
yes I know she did, and she got her first bike... and we have been ridding together ever since.  JUST GET OUT AND RIDE. Michel & Marcia
Now, Marcia is my best friend,  she is the adventures type, and I knew, after a few minutes, she was getting hooked
too. I'll never forget Frank at the Honda shop. I told him I did not want the sissy bar, I mean how am I going to get off
fast with that sissy bar, and what do you need a front brake for? All my riding was in the desert, you and your bike
did have to part at times, I learned fast there is a big difference. I found a 750 Magna for sale and bought it.  Now I
have never been on a street bike, I thought like, my dirt bike was a 125cc, this bike is six times the engine size.  I just
did not know what I had. They asked me if I would like to ride it. I looked at all the traffic going by
Updated 3/12/2013
Michel Marcia
Michel Marcia
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