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The Shrimp Boat
Horseshoe Beach
The Shrimp Boat Ride (8/13/2016)

Finally we got to go for a motorcycle ride, I mean with all this rain. Well we all met up in Alachua at Browns and the Kangaroo station then headed to High Springs. I meant to check this
place out as I said before few months ago but it was under new ownership and they weren't ready yet so today we checked out The Shrimp Boat located in Horseshoe Beach. We had a
pleasant ride down there. Horseshoe Beach in its own way is really a neat little town; Got to the restaurant around 11:30 there were a few people there, few more bikes pulled up neat
little restaurant, people were friendly and the food was good two thumbs up didn't hear any complaints, I was concerned about filling up, that was no problem, I was full, also they do
have a buffet I think it is on Friday and Saturday evening, then we went on to that circle area, when we were at the restaurant our waitress mention in the evening you can get some
nice pictures over there, I'm sure you can with the sunset, after a few pictures we had one more stop about 5 miles away Lily Country Creek General Store where we enjoyed some ice
cream and sat on the picnic table, then said our goodbyes and headed home one by one people splitting up as we got closer to home…. We will be back! Until next time……