Lake Seminole, GA
Lynn's Birthday 2015
Michel Marcia
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Bainbridge, GA (Lynn's Birthday)
Updated on Monday
Here are our pictures of our trip to Bainbridge to celebrate Lynn’s birthday. This was a neat trip. Our buddy Bill set this up for us and we stayed at a
nice cabin by Lake Seminole. We knew before we left we most likely will be dealing with some rain and we did. On our trip up we met Cliff and Lynn just
outside of Live Oak, this is where Lynn heard her first Happy Birthday song of many! Until now it has been some off the beaten path roads. Now we
headed back on US 90 until it crossed I-10 then headed west on I-10. Our next stop was Havana, nice little town. We have stopped here before and
checked out Oscars, but this time we checked out Granny’s Frying Pan. Country cooking and a country atmosphere, a few locals where there and told
us they been coming to this restaurant for over 4 years and never heard Happy Birthday being sung, they were lucky I think we sang it another 3 times.
After our meal it was time to enjoy our bikes on some nice country roads that Marcia had picked out, she did all the route planning. In no time we were at
the cabin. Quick stop right before the cabin and a couple more lines of Happy Birthday and the party started. We had a blast and now it was time for the
cameras to stop. Saturday came and everybody looked pretty good, no one crawling etc. Once again some nice country roads. Not more than 10
minutes into the ride we pulled over and put rain gear on. Next stop Florida State Caverns, $4.00 to park and another $8.00 to take the tour. We had a
little time to wait before they could get our group so we did our regular cutting up and sang a few more lines of Happy Birthday to Lynn. The Caverns
were neat, I think they said the average temperature is 65*. After the caverns we added a stop to Walmart to get a few things before we headed back to
the cabin. Since we were eating in a couple of hours we decided to get something right there at Walmart, as you can see in the pictures we sat outside
where they had the sales on the patio furniture and it was just like eating outside at a nice restaurant. I noticed Cliff joked about them throwing us out
because of our dress code, they didn’t they just let us be. Then time to head back to the cabin, we took more nice back roads and had just a little rain.
Once at the cabin we sang Happy Birthday a few more times, then we all (13 persons) crammed into 2 vehicles so we would not have to deal with the rain
and headed over to Big Jims Restaurant. The atmosphere was neat, just like the places I look for. The food was good and we sang a few lines of Happy
Birthday here too! Then back to the cabin. The night before when partying (no video here) somehow Tony got stuck on saying frozen dog, said it a few
times. We had no Idea this would come into play this night. We though there is a reason for him saying it, after some though we decided it must be a
good name for an adult beverage. So for about an hour or so we were all at working making a Frozen Dog and we did it. Tastes great and of course Fire
Ball was one of the main ingredients. So after a few Frozen Dogs and of course a few lines of Happy Birthday it was time to call it a night. Sunday
morning we packed up and had to put our rain gear on. Is there any rain gear that really keeps you dry??? We thank Bill for doing this for us and then
said our goodbyes. It rained for the next few hours, man Marcia found some nice roads, even though it was raining we still headed north to enjoy some
of these roads especially Hwy 188. Our next stop was a restaurant in Boston, GA. We found a little treasure here. Neat looking town and of course the
train came through as we were on this little main street. I like the views of this little town. The restaurant was Main Street Café that we ate in and the
food, the atmosphere, everything about this place was great. We didn’t get here until just a little before 1 pm and I knew they closed on Sundays by 2
pm. I was the last one in and didn’t see the group. With that lost look on my face the waitress informed me that they were in the back room which I
responded with good choice. I think most of us also had desert here. We decided we were going to miss about 30 miles of back roads north of us so we
could head home (south) a little quicker. We did go through some of Valdosta and took I think 93 which headed southeast until it merged into Hwy 41,
then it was a strait shot home. Just outside of Lake City we all said our goodbyes and got out of our rain gear. Oh yeah we all sang Happy Birthday one
more time. Then the last few miles of the ride I just thought about the fun we had and the new drink we have made. Ill close with two things Happy
Birthday Lynn, and Thank You Bill for making this happen!!!
This was our meeting place in Alachua at the Kangaroo station by Browns Buffet
In the beginning of the trip we did take back roads up to the out skirts of Live Oak to pickup Cliff & Lynn
Outskirts of Live Oak picking up Cliff & Lynn and also sing our very first of many Happy Birthday songs
Granny's Frying Pan Havana, FL.  They have a few neat little restaurants in this town, this is our second visit and second restaurant both are good!
Yes the need to feed time!
Time to sing Happy Birthday one more time.  I think we sang it twice inside
the restaurant
just a view from the parking lot
Just left the restaurant riding some nice country back roads also just witnessed our group dancing at the gas station to “It’s all about that bass, you will have to watch
the video for this one
Just got off of the interstate and slowing it down a little on Old Bainbridge rd just a few miles from our restaurant in Havana
radio cranked up just enjoying the ride....
Almost there, some nice roads
little store about 3 or 4 miles from the cabin.  Picked up some ice and sang Happy Birthday to Lynn! (at least one time)
at the cabin were we met Bill's mom and started off our weekend!
Scaring the fish off as Mike tries to fish….
Saturday morning our day of exploring, heading to the Florida State Park Caverns on some nice back roads
Say it isn’t so! Raingear time, not very far from the cabin looks like we better put the gear on good call!
Quick stop, Marcia's coffee cup is falling apart
lots of nice views along the way
We're here! Time to check out the caverns
we took a lot of pictures this is just a few of them
Always finding some kids who just want to sit on the bikes and get their picture taken.
All was acting like kids, here we are at Walmart we got some of their subs and we are sitting outside by the table for sale enjoying our meal and having a
great time!
time to head back to the cabin
Bill has been talking about this place and it is neat!
Our group at Big Jim's getting ready to feed, oh yeah!!!
Sunday morning we said our goodbyes to Bill and thanked him for the weekend.  Heading home taking back roads and still enjoying the sights with a
little bit of rain
Boston, GA nice little town what I call old America.  Great little restaurant there Boston’s Main Street Café, Great food nice folks and one of the few
places where everybody I think got a desert!!
We going to check a day trip route to here taking once again back roads and see if it is doable for a day trip, one way or another we will make it doable
even if we have to log a few miles on the interstate to make it happen then enjoy the back roads
Our last stop of the trip just on the outskirts of Lake City saying our goodbyes and of course sing Happy Birthday to Lynn one last time, and thanking
Bill for the weekend.  On another note big road trip coming up soon!  On that one will be posting pictures and video clips on our Facebook like always
and when we get home will make a video and webpage of that trip too.   See you on the road!!!