Jekyll Island 2015
This is a 2 night 3 day trip celebrating
Karen's Birthday we had fun!!!
Riverview hotel
Michel Marcia
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Karen's Birthday Jekyll Island 2015
Taken at Jekyll Island, GA
First of all a quick note we have made trips here before and St. Marys too, so I am adding links of neat places in the area.
Like I have said earlier we have been waiting for this weekend to come for our Jekyll Island trip and wow it is already over with. Glad I have
pictures etc... We started off Saturday morning, bikes loaded and for once it looked like we were going to have extra time. We had already
taken Sprocket and Clutch to camp and were running early. I was backing my bike out of the garage Marcia had already backed hers out and I
fired my bike up will backing out. I see Marcia trying to get my attention; I knew it must be big because she had that excited look. Her bike
would not start. No problem I have that mini jumper only problem I forgot to charge it back up the last time I used it. So we called our buddies
and told them we may be late. Had to charge up the battery now, when Marcia’s bike finally started it had this beeping noise every 15 or 20
seconds. We rode to the gas station and shut the bike off and I pulled the main fuse, then put it back in and it still had that beeping noise. We
told our buddies to go on we would catch up. Off to Gainesville HD for maybe 10 minutes and they had resolved our issue, with big smiles on
our faces we were making up for lost time. We rendezvous at our meeting point in Macclenny. First stop for the group was in Folkston, GA we
gassed up and ate at Subway, our buddy from Bainbridge, GA met up with us here. On we pushed; we decided we would pay Saint Simons
Island a visit first. We walked around and visited a coffee shop and got ourselves some hi octane caffeine, and stated to explore by the
waterfront. Now it was time once again to cross that dam bridge to get to our destination the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, don’t get me wrong it is
a piece of art, just a little annoying to deal with when you don’t like heights, I crossed that bridge 4 times, found out getting in the passing lane
makes it seem easier. Wow this hotel was cool looking, took you back in time. We met in the lobby after checking in and then headed to
Latitudes to eat. There was another large group there that we were put in the same room. I wasn’t sure this was going to work out but these
folks a little older than us, but they loved cutting up just as much as we did, and after the first singing of Happy Birthday to Karen we did it
again because one of them also had a birthday, we were all having fun. Speaking of fun, we headed back to the hotel and had a great night
sitting at the little bar area by the pool, wasn't open but you would have never though that with us there. As time went on some of our group
found out they have a heated pool, I will stop there…. Next morning after a nice breakfast buffet we were off on foot exploring the town,
trolley ride, and a few other things we checked out. After a few hours back to the hotel where they had a neat little sandwich shop, we ate,
sang Happy Birthday to Karen for maybe the 6th time, had some birthday cake, then took the bikes and rode the Island with a few stops one at
the fishing pier, and one at the beach, then just exploring. We rode to our final place to eat then back to the motel to enjoy the rest of the night
by the pool and our little club house. Monday morning time to rise, one more breakfast buffet, and then back over the dam bridge to check out
Fort Frederica. We walked all around the Fort, then back over that dam bridge AGAIN, gassed up and took our back roads home. Time sure fly’
s when you’re having fun. We stopped once again in Macclenny to say our goodbyes, and then enjoyed our ride home. Not sure how many
times we sang happy birthday, but it was a lot!