Ike's Old Florida Kitchen
Yankeetown, FL
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Michel Marcia
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Ike's Old Florida Kitchen at Izaak Walton Lodge is located in Yankeetown, FL.  Their phone number is
352-447-4899 and they are open Wednesday through Sunday 11am to 9pm.  Now this is another one of those wow I never knew
this place was here.   We passed within two miles of here hundreds of times.   They have rooms for rent here too.  Also a little
river cruise, speaking with Capt. Rick there is a lot of history on the river.   The food is great, and the deserts looked great.
Now like I said before we passed within two miles of here hundreds of times.   So we have been down the same roads over and over
to get to this area.  Now there are a few ways of getting here.  The major roads you are still going to have to travel getting here but
you can be creative and find other roads that just add to the route.  Google Maps has been a great tool to use in motorcycle trip
planning.  Especially if you have a large group, you can zoom in and see is it a dirt road or not, how does the lanes merge, where are
there stop lights to help you with, even with giving you an Idea how to park at a new destination.
Picture of our bikes in front of Ike’s, makes you ready to ride.
Across the street from Ike’s just gives you a old country look of the area.
Once again in front of Ike’s
Osprey Guide Services be sure to check the link to them located at the
top of our page.  Our next trip we will take the river tour with Capt. Rick
The view looking back to the river, sure is pleasant to your eyes.
View looking out front, bikes adds to it, their doing what they are
supposed to do exploring.
Deserts looked great!  Only thing I am on that midlife style diet change.  I
guess when I finish that I probable will be on my old life style diet change.
Our servers took great care of us, and seemed as if part of our group.
Now remember it’s not just the destination when you’re riding, You need some neat little roads, here is another road we have not traveled.  Be sure to
click above on our Google Map of the trip.  One day I hope Google Maps will convert to GPX files for your GPS, who knows maybe they do now.  If you
need our gpd file of this trip just ask on our forum and I will post it.
This ride Marcia and I posted on Let’s Ride Gainesville.  At the same time a lot of us also belong to the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Gainesville, and again
most of us also belong to their Eagle Riders.  So after a nice day of riding this is the perfect place for us to end the days ride at and great scenery here too.
Well I hope you enjoyed another one of our adventures.   Trying to keep up with our website sure takes time.  Finishing this page before we ride today,
another adventure HWY 150.  Can’t believe I still have not finished our video and webpage of our Georgia Mountain trip.  Soon I will add a video clip of our
tour that we will take on the Osprey .  See you on the road!!
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