Brunswick, GA
Bed & Breakfast
portside grill
golden isles
St. Simon's
130 miles
Next stop Folkston , GA. We
stopped at this convenience
store, had some coffee, and
we were amazed that it didn’t
There still is fog in the air. Of
course now we are getting a
little more excited, we are on
our trip, and after a few
minutes of talking and joking
we moved on. From Folkston
we took hwy 252, which was
a neat little country road.
Next turn was onto US-17, at
this time the fog was leaving
us, but
Folkston, GA
I know in just a few miles we have to go over the Sidney Lanier Bridge. I do not care for heights. I am wondering right now while I am
writing this, if my bell is still on my bike, maybe I need two. The bridge is beautiful coming up to it, but the closer you get the higher it
gets. At least this time I only dropped 10 mph going up. Now that we crossed the bridge it’s time to find the B&B My GPS had me
close but not there. In Brunswick they are not allowed a sign bigger than 1 square foot which doesn’t help matters. After a few
minutes we found it. We checked in and unloaded the bikes.
The bed and breakfast we
stayed at is called the
Watershills, and is owned
and operated by Jack
Waters. He and Mathew are
wonderful innkeepers, and
they have a beautiful house.
Our rooms were well
appointed and suited us
fine. We were hungry and
we ask Jack for his opinion
of a good place to have
The lighthouse that
stands just west of the
original, was built in
1872. It stands 104 feet
high and has a 129
step cast iron spiral
Moving on, next stop Fort
Frederica which is on the north
side of the Island. Fort
Frederica was established in
1736 by James Oglethorpe. It
protected the southern
boundary of the new colony of
Georgia . We checked out the
museum and watched a
twenty minute video, which
was interesting, and then
We left the island and head back to Brunswick and found a Target store and picked up
a few things. Back to the B&B. The innkeepers told us of a restaurant to eat at in
Brunswick . We arrived at Cargo Portside Grill just after dark. Looking at the menu I
noticed the prices were a little steep, but I found that it was worth it, the food was
great, even their house salad seemed special. Back to the B&B, we kicked back and
ended out on the front porch drinking a glass or two of wine and just enjoying the
moment. Sunday morning, we packed up and drove through downtown Brunswick one
more time, and headed to Hofwyl Broadfield plantation. Here we messed up. It was
11:45 and they did not open until 2 pm. Next stop Golden Isles Harley Davidson.
lunch. He directed us to Spanky’s, since it was not raining we headed out, even though the roads were still wet. Spanky’s had a neat
atmosphere and a great view. There was a shrimp boat docked there and you could see St. Simons Island . After a good meal we
headed out to explore St. Simon Island . I noticed several areas of their roads had canopies of trees as you drove under, which was a
pleasing sight. We found our way to the St Simons Island lighthouse. I can only describe it as high. Marcia, Steve, and Jill just flew up
to the top. I finally made it to the top, but didn’t venture outside the lighthouse. John Couper built the original lighthouse in 1807. It was
built of a material called tabby. John Couper eventually became the keeper in 1810 and held that job until 1837. In 1862 the lighthouse
was destroyed by the confederate army.
another picture of the
Bed & Breakfast in
I haven’t finished this webpage and Marcia and Jill are already planning our next trip. Until then, Ride Safe..JUST GET OUT AND
RIDE Michel & Marcia
January 12, 2008
We have been waiting all week for this. The weather isn’t looking good. Its Saturday morning, Steve has already called once, and the
radar shows rain moving in. I have a very hard time starting off in the rain. Ten miles down the road if it starts raining we just keep
going, but to start out in it is a problem. Around 8 am Steve and Jill pull up. Alright its time, it’s not raining but it still looks bad. I don’t
think we saw the sun come out all day and the fog was so strange. Every mile we pushed, the sky ahead looked like it was going to
pour and it seemed like the fog got thicker. Not more than 20 to 30 minutes into the trip we stopped at Lake Butler and filled up. Again
looking ahead it looked like we are going to get soaked. I do like my yellow ridding glasses; they sure can make it look a lot better than
it really is.
explored the fort. If it wasn’t so late I wouldn’t mine to have spent more time there. Life back then has always interested me, but I am so
glad to live at this time in life. No, motorcycles back then, among many other things. Night was starting to set in.
Everybody went in except for me. I was looking at the GPS and figuring how to get to US-17 without having to go back through
Brunswick and the bridge. George, who works in sales, came out and started talking to me. Next thing I was sitting at his desk and he
showed me a route to take to avoid the bridge. Hey George thanks a lot, worked great. I have to say they were very nice to us. We left
and made it back to US-17 and stopped for an ATM machine. After stopping Jill & Marcia started talking about a state park we passed, so
we back tracked to check it out. Blythe Island State Park , for motorcycles not much here but you could once again see the bridge. We
made it to Folkston and stopped for some coffee and decided to eat at Shack by the Tracks in St George. Steve and Jill have never ate
there. After the meal we headed home, and I put up the video camera. Our last stop was at Worthington Springs to say good bye to our
riding buddies.
Michel Marcia
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