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2020 Toy Hauler &
Motorcycle Trip
We are creating this playlist 2020 Toy Hauler & Motorcycle Trip from Florida all the way to Petoskey Michigan, then some
motorcycle riding and exploring  up there.  Then moving about  140 miles south to Stanwood, Michigan for one month.
We will be ending our last destination in  Branson, Missouri with our FRIC rally (FRIC stands for Fuzion, Raptor, Impact,
and Carbon toy haulers all products of Keystone). It takes time to make these videos so be patient if you have
subscribed to us, when we make a video on YouTube you'll get a notification.   Hope you enjoy our trip!!
This is where our 2020 RV Trip started at.  What a great place to stay and the weather is
way cooler than Florida!!  Met some new freinds and seen some neat sites, most likely we
will be back during the summer.  Some neat towns to check out. Next time I will go over
that dam bridge!!!
We haven't made any videos of our trip just Facebook pictures and will continue our Facebook albums.  Here is a little
video clip of biking and then on our motorcycles checking out Charlevoix what a neat little town we will check out
more latter!
Well this really was our first real ride and this was really neat they have a road
called Tunnel of Trees and it's a beautiful road a lot of that canopy look, you can
see Lake Michigan every now and then on the left side now remember why
we're here so we could leave all that hot weather down in Florida, every now
and then we got to wear a jacket up here to ride, this is the beginning of August
hope you enjoy the video
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Google Photo
Now on this video we did not make any big trips, we're just checking out the
area.  I don't think we went more than eight or nine miles.  We checked out
downtown, we checked the marina, and then we took a ride to East Park.
Petoskey City Marina, and Village Harbor, but we were on our motorcycles it
was beautiful out!  ����...
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Today we did a ride that Karen had made the other day we did one that Marcia had made. Today we checked
out Charlevoix, which is only 12 mile from Petoskey RV Resort, what a neat little town kind of reminds me of
Mount Dora in a way. Now what added to this is the weather, man it is so nice to have to put on a light jacket to
ride! Now starting off our ride we went right through Charlevoix, then to The Front Porch Cafe which is located
in Ellsworth Michigan. This was a neat small town the food was real good. Our ride today wasn't but about 70
miles total. We saw a couple old barns, lot of times I just wasn't fast enough pictures of some of the other
barns. One thing that I thought was pretty neat we went to Ironton Cove where they had a ferry Crossing, was
pretty neat! We did let Angel fly a little bit they could only get four cars on the ferry so we made the second
crossing. Now our route took us around Lake Charlevoix which was a very nice ride and then we found Boyne
City certainly needs to be visited again since we didn't have time stop. So soon we were back to Charlevoix,
we found our parking spot, and started exploring the town, what a sweet little town, beautiful marina, nice park
at the marina, lots of shops including the fudge shop which we stopped at happily. Lot of history here also
some beautiful homes around the area. After we spent about two hours it was time to head back to the RV ..
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This was one other day we took the truck, and did not ride motorcycles. Karen and Ed took their bicycles with
them,  we took our backpacks, our destination was Mackinac Island, once again another beautiful day. I seen a
lot of signs that said fudge right now I can't remember if I did get any fudge.  There was plenty to check out on
the island.   definitely had a lot of nice sites, an Old Fort real, a lot of neat places to take pictures. I also did not
go over on the Mackinac Bridge, but I did go under it!!����...
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Our days are getting shorter visiting Petoskey.  This I think was one of my favorite rides checking out
Fishtown located in Leland Michigan.  We ate at a neat Restaurant called Cove, one of my favorite hamburgers
so far on this trip. What a neat place to visit, and that Highway M22, that was beautiful with all the water along
the side of the road.  We will definitely will do it again!!����...
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Very unusual restaurant located on the Tunnel of Trees (M-119) in Cross Village, MI.  Also riding through the
beautiful town of Harbor Springs, MI.  This is part off our play list of 2020 motorcycle- toy hauler trip.  We've
had some friends, and some followers on You Tube, and a few folks here at the RV Resort tell us... you've got
to go Legs Inn...
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