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Saturday 7/6/2013
I love the weekends that Marcia is off.  This weekend we started it off with a trip to Destination Daytona’s Block
Party 7/6/2013.  Nice ride over there with Let’s Ride Gainesville, then spending the day with great friends.  I am glad
Destination Dayton puts on the block party band, food, etc… and thank them. Wayne, Ed , and a few of us had
planned how we were going to get stuffed.  We check everything out, then head outside to eat, it was going to be
30 more minutes before we eat, so we got a pre eat meal (that’s what us professional food connoisseur call it) over
at Hooligan’s.  An hour later we returned, the food and all signs were gone.  The smile on our faces were gone
too….  Desperation has set in.  I wondered about that on the ride over how they could afford to feed everybody,
there is no way.  I am glad that they continue to do it, makes a great destination, seeing everybody on their
motorcycles, hearing the band playing, lots of things to check out and then a quick ride on the loop before we
headed home.   It was another great Saturday with friends on motorcycles….
On another note; wanted to let you
guys know that Marcia’s article of our
trip to Blue Ridge will be in RoadBike
Magazine it’s scheduled for August
issue. Hits newsstands on July 2.
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Block Party
Sunday 7/7/2013
Sunday day two, this time our destination was the Villages south of Belleview, FL.  We took some nice back roads
down there.  I am one, unless it is raining hard, or there is bad weather coming, I am going to take the most scenic
ride to my destination.  That’s what I bought a motorcycle for.  We did find another neat road along the way.  We
checked out Lighthouse point restaurant out, everybody loved the scenery on the water, and the food was great
and the price was great too!  This is definitely one we will add on our list while passing through this area next time.  
Looks like there may be many possibilities in the Villages, will have to check some more places out.   After our
meal and just a little exploring it was time to head back.  Last stop Ocala Harley Davidson.  We always stop here on
our ride home.  Defiantly  finished our weekend on a happy note….
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Lighthouse Point
Lighthouse Point
Bar & Grille