Friday  6/28/2013
Our Other You Tube
Well guys this is a lot more like home work.  I noticed that I have not made many blog pages, and we have been
doing a few things, like visiting family up in NC.   1st we finished our trip a couple weeks ago.  Any of you who
check out our website on the main page under Our Blog ? Diary Page header, will notice that we have been putting
a new video on every week day, and on our Face Book we have also highlighted the video as the Video of the Day,
what we are doing is getting rid of the old windows videos that we hosted on our site, and replacing them with You
Tube videos.  I am in the beginning stages of making our video of our trip we took last month  Sweat Southern
Tour.  Also one other note July 2, 2013 our magazine article will be in the stores of our Blue Ridge trip we took last
year.  It is in Road Bike Magazine, check it out!.  
On another note; wanted to let you
guys know that Marcia’s article of our
trip to Blue Ridge will be in RoadBike
Magazine it’s scheduled for August
issue. Hits newsstands on July 2.