Tuesday 7/2013
Okay it has been a few days since I have last posted on our Blog page.  Have I got any trips that we did recently?  No.  But
I have been working and staying busy with Marcia planning our trip we will be taking very soon.  Man I can’t believe how
long it take to plan.  We have already made time lines, maps, motel reservation, gas stops, and things to do stops, now I
just pray the weather is in our favor.  I spent 2 days just going over our maps with Google earth to make sure we are not on
any dirt roads and then making the maps in Basecamp to put into our GPS, because we take a lot of back roads doing our
exploring.  At the same time I have started using Google Chrome and love it, but we noticed when we go to this site there
are a lot of videos that do not play, so we are also in the process of converting all of these video to You Tube.  We are
starting with our oldest video and moving up the list as we go we embed the video here on the webpage for that video.  We
have 2 You Tube channels and these videos since they are not HD will be put on our Motto cruising You Tube Page.  Also
each day we will be posting it on our Facebook page.
 Here is a link to our newest old video we uploaded for the website.  
When you click on Here is a link it will take you to the webpage and then you can click on the video. See you on the road.    
Michel & Marcia
Our Other You Tube