Friday 4/26 - 27/2013
Driving west to east on main street.
Driving east to west on main street.
Saturday going to Leesburg and Playing along
the way with the camera.  Facebook video
I love going to Leesburg Bikefest, and each year I keep saying that maybe next year we will stay the whole weekend or at
least spend the night.  This year was nice maybe a little warm but nothing like I have seen it in the past.  I remember
scorching heat, and also remember very cold temperatures.  Having the Blog/ Diary page added to our site I think is just
making more work, but I hope it is easier to keep up what we are doing day by day.  Friday 4/26/2013 was our first day we
rode down.  Already it was getting crowded but still not what I call packed.  We parked our bikes and started exploring,
and checking people out too.  I could really just stay at main street for hours just watching people and some of the outfits
they wear, the women with some eye appealing outfits … Life is Good, and the custom bikes, guys wearing Viking head
helmets, I mean it goes on and on, it’s all part of any bikefest.  We had again posted our ride on Let’s Ride Gainesville, and
today it was a small group.  While there I seen my old buddy Gene (use to be my engineer in the old days) it was great
seeing him, makes me realize how fast time is moving on.   Some nice bikes like always.  Like I said time was moving
along and it was time to get on the bikes and point them north.  I really don’t care for interstate riding, don’t get me wrong,
as far as a tool to get home fast, you can’t beat it, as far as enjoying the country scenery no.  We took the interstate home
to make it quick because tomorrow we will be doing it again.
  Saturday day morning, again a small group, off we went.  Now on the ride down today we did see many groups of
motorcycles at gas stations on the road etc.  everybody is heading to Leesburg.  When we were going to cross Hwy 27 man
was it crowded so we did some side roads to make time.  This was different than Friday; wow was it crowded, before the
main part of main street hundreds of bikes if not thousands.  Man hearing the pipes on the bikes, seeing all the people
entering main street….. cool.  Once again we did our exploring, checking the vendors out, had to drop by Ride Like A Pro,
always watch their shows, man they look good on their bikes.  I have took their class and have their DVD’s so I have done
some practicing and have no problem with especially U-Turns, but now days I see more and more people making U-Turns
looking good and it gets me thinking if Ride Like A Pro has anything to do with that, like they did with me?  As the day was
coming to an end once again I thought of years back when we stayed the weekend how cool it must be……  Below you will
see some links; one of the neat ones that I really liked was the Eagle Eye View, live cams that’s cool.  We have pictures in
our Facebook album linked, also a picture video with music, 2 go pro videos of riding on Main Street, and we will have our
regular video that we make of our trip too, if it is not there yet it will be soon.  See you guys next year.   Michel & Marcia
Our video of the trip