Saturday  4/13/2013
Already Saturday, trying to keep a Blog going blogs you down.  How did we get here?   Wednesday I spent a lot of time learning my new GPS
or should I say trying to learn my new GPS, also spent some time working on video with all of our blog pages saying VIDEO COMING SOON,
this is suppose to be fun.  Thursday I needed to service Marcia’s bike, and did, also put a new clutch in, and installed some kuryakyn heat
deflectors on her bike too, while I was at it I decided to install a new clutch on my bike too.  I had bought the clutches a while back.  No
problem with the bikes just preventive maintenance.  Of course I had Sprocket, Clutch and Mr. Michelob help me.  Later on Friday took my old
GPS off and installed the new one did not finish until later at night, did not start to later in the night too.  Then spent some more time
programing a route for Saturday’s ride to Crystal River.  Do I need a GPS to get to Crystal River…. No but I do look at a lot of roads (try finding
new ones all the time) and that is where the GPS comes in handy.  All along we are planning our vacation trip for May.  We have every gas
stop, road, restaurant, gas station, and places we will visit planed out and now just reviewing it.  Have to have this GPS learned by then.
Saturday was nice.  Enjoyed our ride to Crystal River, other than I have a problem my GPS show my route and then wants me to take all of
these different roads and come back to my route,  some setting I must have wrong will figure it out some time Sunday.  .  First stop was the
Ale House, Ed started talking about the prime rib sandwich he had last time.  Man I was ready; NOT TODAY, we think that is only on Sunday,
Ed pointed out on Saturday evening they have prime rib so we think the prime rib sandwich must be Sunday.  Had a good time just kicking
back and enjoying the scenery.  Next stop Crystal River HD, where Bobby Friss was playing, always enjoy hearing them play.  Next stop High
Octane, then home.  Did want to ride there again today, looking at the weather report last night and decided not to.  Weather report sure looks
different today???  Last night 60% of rain, today 10 – 5 percent then higher in late afternoon.   I am writing this up today Sunday, and need to
work on videos and GPS.  Leesburg Bike fest is coming up so…….. CLICK ON OUR PICTURES LINK BELOW