Sunday     4/07/2013
Saturday I was busy learning my new camera and washing the bikes while Marcia was at work.  I Think I am slowly making progress learning it.  
Sunday morning came, I had posted the night before about the 10th Annual Support Your Troops ride.  Sadly I did not know this was the last one
too.  So I was glad I was there.  The weather was nice, and the route they set up for us again was very well put together.  I think it was about 87
miles through the country.  I put this route in my GPS for another little ride to do in the evening on those very hot summer days.   They said to
be back by noon if you made your own ride.  Time was flying by.  I think it was about 1240 when we got back and you could tell Wayne was a
little worried.  Everybody that had radios was giving him a hard time.  The food again very good.  I think if everybody knew it was the last time
for the event I do believe we would have had a way bigger turn out.  I know it must be a job putting this on every year and we thank them for
doing it.  Also met another Let’s Ride Gainesville couple from New York.  Below are pictures of the event, you do not have to have a Facebook
page to view them.  I hope to have the video up in a few days.