Saturday     3/31/2013
Saturday, with Marcia’s job she is off this weekend so we do all the riding that we can.  Summer is coming boy do I dread the heat,
but we are in the need of some more sunglasses.   I have been doing a lot of exploring on Google Maps just to find some of those
roads the gems, roads we have not traveled; there are still some out there.  Saturday we did not have a very large group, and
headed to Ocala on back roads this ride was posted on Let's Ride Gainesville, I will have a goggle map that you can click on and
open it on your phone or computer and see the roads we took.  I have a video of the trip so I will give you the link also; I am putting
some pictures of the trip just this day.  I bought a few pairs of sunglasses with the readers in them, and also some readers.  When
we left Market of Marion (Belleview, FL) we did take a different way that I have not been before going to Gator Joes.  Gator Joe’s
was having a bikini contest that I wanted to get a few pictures but time was running out.  We left Gator Joe’s and were planning to
stop at Ocala HD, and have a beer or two while checking out the bikes etc.  Time there again ran out, they close at 5pm and it was 4:
45 as we went by.  I did not want to stop when so close to closing time, that isn’t fair, next time.  Below are pictures of the trip click
on them and it will open up bigger.