By Marcia D Taylor

Alachua July 2, 2016 (Our second trip)

Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park for July 4th

We are trying to get as much experience as we can before we take our big trip to Virginia so this July 4th weekend we took off again but still stayed close to home. Rock
Crusher Canyon RV park, in Crystal River was our home for the next 2 ½ days. Finally Karen and Ed were traveling with us in their unit with their puppies too,…..this was to
be a great weekend.
To tell the whole story here, Karen and Ed were waiting most of the week for their toy hauler, and finally after much ado, and coordination it was delivered. We had made
arrangements to have it brought to our house so Karen and Ed could get it ready to be put on the road. Everything came together (well there was just a few little things that
need some adjustment) and on Saturday the units were packed up, bikes loaded, puppies in their harnesses we took off. In a mere 85 miles we were pulling into the Park, it
was very busy with everyone getting checked in but everything went pretty fast and in no time we were backing into our site, we set up camp, got the bikes unloaded,
walked the puppies, had a nice dinner toasted with an adult beverage, and made our plans for a ride for the next day.
July 3, 2016
We must have been tired, cause we slept in, we took care of breakfast, again walked the dogs and jumped on our bikes and headed south on US 19 our destination was a
the restaurant, the Upper Deck on the west coast, but first we wanted to explore the Bayport area and put some time between our late breakfast . The ride which was most
of the time right on the water was just beautiful and very enjoyable, but my gosh it was HOT. We then headed to the Upper Deck restaurant. It is a pretty neat place, they
have two levels inside or outside that look over a nice inland beach, it was very busy and crowded on beach but that’s to be expected on a 4th of July weekend. Lunch was
excellent was enjoyed by all, and we sat back for just a while enjoying the view.
Unfortunately it was time to turn the bikes back towards the RV Park, but first a quick stop at the grocery for some extras for dinner. Back at the sites we walked the pups
and then changed into our swim suits and head to the pool with an adult beverage. The pool and the water temp was wonderful and spent about an hour there talking about
the ride and then about our future trips. That evening we had a late dinner and talked about where we would like to travel next, of course after our trip to Virginia.
July 4, 2016
Morning came too fast…and everyone was running around getting packed up, putting the bikes in the garage and walking the dogs, even got a chance for a little breakfast.
Time went by way too fast and we were heading back home. Karen and Ed came by the house and drop their bikes off and then took their RV over to storage. We followed
them to their house and after some more talking, took then back to the house to get their bikes.
What a great weekend and a great start to our motorcycle, RV adventure’s. In less than 12 days we are off for our first long trip to the mountains of Virginia. Stay tuned…..
By Marcia D Taylor
June 18th, 2016 · Alachua
Just so you know I wrote this last week but was not able to post until today.
Hope to continue to update our adventures.

On the Road again

We have been looking for RV for months, not just an ordinary RV but a toy hauler so we can carry our Harleys and it would enable us to take our sweet puppies with us. The
plan is to travel all over the country and explore not only in the RV but riding on our bikes. The best thing about all this is our best buddies are planning on doing the same
So…on Monday June 13 2016, we finally found just what we were looking for a slightly used 2012 Raptor 300mp, nope it’s not brand new but, its roomy, very comfortable,
and most important has a garage for our bikes…in other words its perfect.
We brought the unit from a dealer in Jacksonville so the ride home included a busy interstate, some pouring rain and then some back 2 lane country roads, Michel did great
but getting her into the back yard that was a little more complicated. It took some TIME, and help from our neighbors, who by the way are seasoned RVers and we got her
into the space.
Now to outfit our home away from home, we did some research to learn what we really need to travel with, what fun it was, towels, bedding dishes, cups and glasses,
sewer lines, electric cords, chairs, grill, etc. etc. etc.
June 18th.. Saturday
Of course we are raring to take her out for a spin and see what this “camping” thing is all about. We found an RV Park not too far from our home, 30 miles away… now that’s
traveling. We are all loaded up and its pouring rain but my sweet husband is hitching her to our tractor aka Chevy diesel truck with an Allison transmission, as my husband
loving describes it, and we are off.
We arrive at our RV Park, the rain is gone and we are able to set up without getting soaked in our nice concrete pull through pad with our own picnic table. Out go the slides,
the awing rolls out just like clockwork. We get something to eat, and then take our puppies Sprocket and Clutch for a nice walk.
Williston Crossroads RV Park is beautiful and it’s huge, and neat as a pin. All the RVers were very nice and welcoming. What is cool here is there are street lights on every
lane and benches to sit, scatter along the way. There is beautiful pool, club house, fire pit, a pavilion for big events, and an enormous deck area that goes down to a water
filled quarry.. so cool.
June 19th…Sunday
Our plan today was to meet up with our buddies who have a ride planned for lunch at Upper Deck in Weeki Whachee. Soooo we make some breakfast walk the dogs and
hmmm then discover that we left our helmets at home bummer. So my easy going Michel gets on his bike and rides all the way back home for the helmets, me I walked the
dogs again. Finally he gets back and we get on the bikes and head towards Crystal River, we realize that we are not going to be able to meet up with the gang for lunch so
we stop at “Shrimp Are Us” it was sort of a good meal, depending on who you ask. While we were there we discussed how disappointed we were with the grill we
purchased. It was electric which is what we wanted but the grill was WAY too much to trouble to clean so we decided that the grill needed to be returned and we would start
over. So to get in a little riding time we headed over to Dunellen to the local Walmart and found just what we needed.
Back at the RV Park we were greeted by our pups, took them for a walk and then I started putting our grill together, man it was a bit complicated but finally it was ready for
service. We got a call from our buddies; they had said goodbye to the other riders that joined them today and ask if they could come by for a visit, of course that was a no
brainer, so Michel took off on the bike to lead them into the park. They were excited to see our coach all decked out and working and I know they are excited their new unit
arrives in a few days. After they left we made of tasty meal on our new grill and it was a winner, no cleaning just throw the tinfoil away…perfect.
Michel and I began to discuss the possibility of staying another day, and it was a done deal. We were glad we did, we met a really nice couple that had just recently sold
their house and are going to RV full time. Williston Crossing would be their home base for now. They moved in to the pull through right next to us, and they had to our
delight a friendly pup too.
The next morning we decided to ride over to Cedar Key, and off we went. We love Cedar Key and always enjoy the ride. I let Michel know that I had discovered a small RV
park not too far out from Cedar Key, we would explore the place on our way out. We moved on into Cedar Key downtown and me the worry wart, always worry about
parking but today it was not a problem. We strolled along the water and then dropped into a café for a something cold to drink and……as usual I spill my first one all over the
place whoops. Back on the bikes and heading home we check out the RV Park just outside Cedar Key, seems like a great for place for an overnighter and we put it on the
list. Back at the park we take the dogs for a quick walk and then try out the pool, it was fantastic. Now for some kick back time….at least I thought, for some reason the
kitchen sink will not drain “great” so Michel decides that he needs to flush the grey tank, and he does and nothing happens. He then discovers that we have two grey tanks
but he cannot find the value….poor guy he crawling underneath the RV and cannot find it. He even texts his buddy to no avail. By this time I have gone to bed but was
awaken by Michel’s search. I am awake so I get online and simply put in “we have two grey tanks on our RV where is the second valve, whala.. It’s under the left side wheel
well, Michel is tired so he comes to bed and I give him the information, but I am not sure he heard me.
June 19..Monday
Next morning we are in pack it up we are going home mode, and Michel heads to the left wheel well, and finds that hiding valve, wow he was listening. Anyway the bikes
are in the garage and we are securing everything the puppies are tethered in their seats and we pull out. The trip home was pretty much uneventful until we were within 5
miles away from home we have a left first tire blow out. All was good, no one hurt, our son in law came to help and NOW our land yacht has some new shoes.
Until next time see you on the road.
Michel Marcia
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July 16th to July 24th, 2016

Toy Hauler Mountain Trip
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Staunton / walnut Hills KOA then River Vista RV Resort near Dillard, GA
On The Road Again
September 3rd to September 11th, 2016
As you can see on the countdown clock to the right above, this Saturday we head to the mountains one more time this year for another mountain trip.  You
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September 2016 Mountain Trip
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St Augustine, FL
Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort

10/21/2016 - 10/23/2016
Carrabelle, FL
Carrabelle Beach Resort
Saint Marys, GA
A Big Wheel RV Park
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Fishermans Cove Tavares, FL
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Pecan Park RV Resort
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Coastal RV park
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Catherine's Landing Hot Springs AR
Nice trip to Hot Springs with the Toy Hauler stayed over two weeks had fun
Anchor Down, TN
Another nice two week trip into Tennessee....
Camp Lake Jasper RV Park Hardeeville, SC
We celebrated Thanksgiving have pictures and write up just finished the video 1/29/2017
the trip was from 11/18/2017 to 11/24/2017
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