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The Freezer Homosassa, FL 2016
This is the route that
we took going to
The Freezer when
we went home we
just be lined it home
This was just one of those exploring road trips.  Karen  heard about The Freezer, I’ve never heard anything of it, and we decided to go check it out.  When I asked how long they been open and I heard 8 years I
was very surprised because we've been to Homosassa Springs quite a few times, and never heard of this place, sure makes me wonder how many other places like this are out there?  I couldn't just let this one
be passed up, I had to make a website page even though I didn't have a lot to put here.  I definitely wanted you guys to know about this place they take cash only they do have an ATM machine.  What you do is
get in line, I think they always have a line, and order your food, and when you do go in line if you're having a beer and you think you're going to need more than one this is the time to go ahead and order that
second one so that you don't have to go through the line cuz the line does get long. They'll bring the food to you at your table and even though it was a long line, it did moved pretty quick the food was great and
plenty of volume and the scenery around there was very pleasant to the eye you need to check this one out!!!
Now all the pictures above this started off with some pictures of the ride over there and then the rest were of The Freezer, from here we headed over to what I call the
old section of Crystal River and we did some exploring on foot
Not very far from the old section of Crystal River (N Citrus Ave & US 19) you have Hunter Spring Park.  Now this is a neat little park but while looking at the web pages
what I can find they say the park is closed now until I think September and they're redoing everything then also just looking up some information on it now I see
where they say or someone says that they're charging for parking, I don't know what the real story is when I hear more I'll post it here.
Our old
video of
the Ozello
There is quite a bit to do in Homosassa Springs and Crystal River area. If your up for a neat little ride then check out the Ozello Trail, I recommend you try it out,  what we usually do there's a little convince store
right there at the Ozello Trail & US-19 we stop there get a soda and some chips and once we reach the end destination we sit at the picnic tables and just drink our soda and eat our chips but there's so many other
places to check out in this area, restaurants, Harley shop I put a couple links up on the top of the page for you to check out.   See you on the road!!
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