Sugarloaf Mountain
Michel Marcia
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Michel T
It’s always a great day when you can ride. We met up with three new people who joined us on this LRG ride. The day did start
off on the foggy side.
Marcia spent some time earlier this week on Google Maps making this route. She discovered a lot of back roads, what I call Old
Florida, old farms, great exploring roads.
My time line was off about 2 hours. I always make the time line knowing we can do this, but we always get in that kickback mode, and times starts
winning the race. Fifteen extra minutes here and there add up fast but is always fun.
By time we made it back to Alachua we were just a little shy of 300 miles for the day. Sugarloaf Mountain has some nice roads around it,
and we did go all the way around because I missed my turn, but that did let us enjoy some more roads too.
After a little stop on top of Sugarloaf Mountain we headed to Hurricanes for a late lunch.
Next stop was Gator Harley Davidson. Ed even sat on a CVO Ultra, he looked pretty content.
More back roads when we left Gator. By time we got to Hwy 441 and CR 326 it was time to change our glasses for night riding, and add a
layer or two of clothing. Maybe I will make a video of the trip next week. Alright time to stop, Karen has posted a ride on LRG for
tomorrow, time to kick back. See you on the road.