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Salt Life Food Shack
Saint augustine, FL 2016
Salt Life Food Shack 2016

Nice little ride with Let's Ride Gainesville today, we headed over to St Augustine and checked out Salt Life Food Shack. I wish the weather was like this all year long, sunny nice and cool. We have been over the
same roads over and over and over we added a couple of new roads which made the ride a lot longer but more interesting, but it's all about the ride right! Our first stop was Buddy Boys Country Store it’s on
highway 13 just a little south of the Outback Crab Shack we have stopped here quite a few times in the past and usually if you're here for 20 minutes or so on the weekend you're going to see a lot of the other
motorcycle stopping in here, and we did! Also this place kind of reminds me a little bit like Pearl's Country Store that we have back in Micanopy, they have a little cafeteria, they sell ribs, chicken livers, chicken
gizzards, chicken, a lot of stuff and few times we've got a little meal here before in the past. We got back on the road and continued heading south on Highway 13 we went right past Riverdale Park where we have
stopped quite a few times in the past, if anybody in your group needs to use the restroom they do have restrooms there and it's a neat little place for a picnic or just to walk out on their dock and explore a little.
Our next stop with Salt Life Food Shack, I tell you what, parking can be a real pain here we finally got a parking spot for our group, and we got seated a lot quicker than I thought we would. Really neat place to
check out, and your right next to the beach, and when we were there they had some kind of art festival thing which I think they have every weekend. Their food was great, and soon it was time to head back
home. One thing to beware of when you're down there, they were writing tickets right and left for these people not yielding to pedestrians they were busy so pay attention when going through there. Sunny all
day long and the ride home was enjoyable too. We made one more stop in East Palatka topped off with fuel said our good byes and enjoyed the rest of the ride home. I am putting a link for Google Maps of our
map of the trip next to the picture of our map so you can zoom in on our route, should be the last picture. Until next weekend….. See ya on the road….