Neon Leon's Homosassa Springs 2015

Taken at Neon Leon's Zydeco Steakhouse
Neon Leon this restaurant is located in Homosassa Springs we posted this ride on Lets Ride Gainesville and this time we had two new friends join us from Facebook Tim
Shoafand Patsy Green Volpatti joined us on our ride from Gainesville to Homosassa Springs. We had a small group today, and we met up at the Home Depot and Subway by
highway 441 in Gainesville, man the weather was great first time since spring time that I have been able to wear a jacket and man did I enjoy it. After we left Gainesville our first
stop was in Crystal River right there by the Ozello trail they have that minute market where we took a quick break and then rode the Ozello trail. At the end of the Ozello Trail we
once again stopped and took a little break joking and cutting up, our next stop was Neon Leon restaurant. I like this restaurant, it draws you in from street, the inside is nice too
and they do have a place outside to eat we started to but we started feeling raindrops so we moved inside I did go outside to take some pictures and when I did the rain had
already stopped. I had their stuff shrimp bacon wrapped and fried! Everyone seem to enjoy there meal. While waiting for food it came to our attention that Tim's birthday was in
January and most of us wouldn't be around so we all sang happy birthday to him, got to say he looked a little bit surprised. After our meal we rode over to Crystal Harley
Davidson and this is also where we said our goodbyes Tim and Patsy, we will be following their story of their trip on their Facebook page Behind The Handlebars…. Hope to
have a little video by midnight….
Michel Marcia
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Neons Leon's 2015
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