Hidden Treasure 2013
Michel Marcia
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This is the other
Hidden Treasure
we will check it out
Always looking forward to riding our bikes! Just to get on your bike crank it up and let out on the clutch you are on your way! This is
Marcia’s weekend off to ride so I am glad she is with me today, I know the weekends she works are rough on her when the rest of us are
riding. Now we have been to Hidden Treasure in Ponce Inlet, and we enjoyed it and have a web page on our web site. We will be making
another web page for the Hidden Treasure in Port Orange which is about 3 miles from the other Hidden Treasure. Now this route Marcia
and I put on Let’s Ride Gainesville. It originally started out for HT Pub 44 in New Smyrna Beach. After talking to HT Pub 44 I found out they
were just opening for the Super Bowl, and their main opening was next week. The HT stands for Hidden Treasure, yes they own this too.
Well after planning the route, we only modified it a little and checked out HT in Port Orange.
With the pictures below I used my camera, camcorder, and my phone so it does take a little time put these pictures in order. The ride
over we stopped at 316A and SR 40 at the gas station and met up with Vickie & Tony. From here we had a nice ride on 314A all the way to
182 Ave, then onto SR42, what another cool road to ride on, think it was made for motorcycles. We did start off from Gainesville with a lot
of fog. After meeting up with Tony and Vickie the fog seemed to dissipate.
Then we did make one more stop at a gas station by Cr 415 and SR 44. Here we took our heavy jackets off, wow from mid-50’s to low 80’s
you know its northern Florida. Then we arrived at Hidden Treasure! I like it! Again the sight is very pleasing to the eye. I like places like
this. Everybody was happy with their meal. Here again I am roaming around getting some pictures so you guys can see what it looks
like. I am so lost with cameras, always seem to have a hard time capturing pictures inside, always blurry, but still posting them. We had a
great waitress who also seemed like one of us. Ed (AKA Junior Ranger) he definitely takes things well, I mean his beer was a little warm
(which can make a very big case) and he mentioned it to our waitress, next thing the other lady comes out with a towel, and a cold beer
and asked who the wine-ner was, she had the towel for him, Ed handles it very well and he will also get a big laugh out of it after it is put
into his playing field.
Well after our meal it was time to move on right, keeping our agenda. Next stop New Smyrna Harley Davidson. Now HT Pub 44 is
basically the same parking lot as the Harley Davidson store. Well we explored both floors and I bought my poker chip and it was time to
move on. About 7 miles down the road Tony’s bike would lose it’s throttle. Finally we figured we better head back to the Harley Shop and
see if we could get it fixed. With the codes it had it seemed like we should be able to head home they said. We ended up at the same
spot as before with the same problem, then I saw the culprit, it was a hay snow man, I even got him in the picture. We unplugged
everything, just hoping we would somehow clean a connection. It worked, off we were, then I had to say on the CB when we made
Deland, I guess it was a dirty connection, soon as I said it the bike lost it throttle.
We spent some time loading up just to make it maybe and 1/8th of a mile and stopped again. Time no longer was on our side, something
needed to be done. It was time to FEED!! We must have been stopped for almost an hour and I started looking for something close and
accessible by a tow truck for Tony’s bike. All that time there was a restaurant, DoBro’s just less than a block away with a great parking
lot. This ended up in taking another moment in time of our adventures. We had a great time cutting up and enjoying our meals. The
people there where great! We had fun. Finally the tow truck came up and we loaded Tony’s bike and it was time to head home. I didn’t
like hearing the driver saying he would have been here quicker but the fog was thick! My GPS said 0240 we would be home. Not with the
fog, we followed the truck to Tony and Vickie’s house and then headed home. Wow when we got to their house the fog was thick; I went
down 1 or two wrong roads. I even heard Vickie say they had a hard time finding their road. Now time to head home, after about 30
minutes about the time we hit 326 and baseline it slowly lifted. Lots of deer, in and out of the fog. Finally we pulled into our garage. It still
was a great ride, and was very neat with the fog and the views you got, just would have been a lot better if I knew we would not have hit
any deer etc. in advance, and not have to look for them……