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Franklin, NC Toy Hauler
Trip June,2018
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the end

I have to say this is a very nice RV Resort.  The owners ( Polly & Mike) are very welcoming and very friendly!  Our best buddies Ed and Karen share with us in these adventure, some of you know Ed as the
Junior Ranger!!!!  To add to our trip, Bigun's and Tammy (which you will see more often) met up with us and got a a couple of rides in!   Be sure to click and check out our video of just the campground on the top
left portion this page.   We started off like a couple other trips that we have done raining, raining, raining, and some more raining,  to the point where I was ready to name our unit The Rainmaker!!   Very
interesting our buddy Bigun's nick name is Chief Rain Make, and I asked HIM to bring the sunshine??  One thing that we were trying to do is escape all this heat we have in Florida, we did have a fire a couple of
nights and with videotaping I'm not getting very much of what's going on at the campground.   But wherever we are staying the first thing in the morning we take our puppies for a walk, after that we feed them,
then we do our ride if it's not raining and if it is raining we have our trucks so we can still explore.  When we get back we get a big welcome from our puppies and then we take them for a walk, adult beverages
come into play on this walk.   Usually we get together and eat at the same time.   One thing that is very unusual I think this has been the only toy hauler trip where we did not  visit a Harley-Davidson shop.....
wow,  we will makeup for this in the future!   The other thing and this is with all of our trips..... time flies!!!   almost unbelievable how fast it goes,  you have plenty of time and everyday it seems that way then all
of a sudden you have 2 or 3 days left, what happened you ask?   Until Marcia and Ed (AKA Junior Randger) are retired we know we can do 650 MI in a day and have daylight to setup.   The other thing that is neat,  
you do meet a lot of friendly people,  and a small world it is Marcia even met some relatives of her moms hometown.   Also under some of the comments I see some of our Facebook friends where here in the
past!!  We put all the links and places that we visited when you use the GPX routes, zoom out a lot to make sure your GPS isn't doing something funny.   Like I said this was a very nice RV Resort and we will be
Franklin, NC  June, 2018
This is our video we made of our trip
Our buddy Bigun's
had a nice route, but
I messed it up
importing from
Harley Road
Also Karen had made a few more
rides which I did not list here.  I didn't
put them in my GPS unil after we got