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Bike week 2014

March 30 ·  · Taken at Port Canaveral and on the way
Wow all the rain yesterday, really hurt our riding for the weekend with LRG! But today we did make
up for it. Round trip we had 384 miles. We left Home Depot around 0815 which already put us behind
schedule. Our first stop was in Belleview, FL. We were not sure if Vickie and Tony would be joining
us or not. I saw their bikes as I pulled in at the other end of the gas station which right away put a
smile on my face! We took a quick break if there is such a thing and off we went. We had a neat little
route to Cape Canaveral from Gainesville, a lot of back roads. Our next stop was on the outskirts of
Sanford, FL by Hwy SR 46 and 415. Now we were only about an hour and ten minutes from Canaveral
when we headed out. When we made it to Grills in Port Canaveral we were running about 30 minutes
behind schedule. I tell you we have a great bunch that we ride with, and to top it off today we met up
with some of my crew members Luke & Gene, which as crew you become family. Sure is always
great seeing these guys. My son was trying to meet us too but just could not make it this time next
time I hope. As I always have mention time is always against us and again it was running out. It was
close to three before we left. So our plans to stop at the Harley Shop in Sanford now were out. We
had some great weather, man I dread the summer time with the heat, this is the weather I love riding
in. On our trip back we stopped at the gas station we fueled up earlier I should have known better.
Whenever we fuel up and if we go back to that place say the next day with in 24 hrs. we get denied
using our debit card, sure enough most all of us were denied. Again what a nice day, we decided to
take some roads home that would put us going through the heart of the Ocala National Forest, what a
way to finish up some of our trip. Hwy SR 40 and 316A has become a stop for meeting up and for
saying our goodbyes to our buddies, which we did today. As we enter Gainesville you can see our
group getting smaller and smaller as people start leaving the group to head to their homes. It was
still daylight when we pulled into our garage. Another great day of riding with great friends…. Until
next weekend!!!
Port Canaveral 3 - 30 - 2014
.Alright we had an issue to resolve.  We have a lot of trips that do not get their own web page but we have
pictures, a little write up, and sometimes video.  Do I just throw them out?  We do post them on Facebook
and some on You Tube.  I will try to put these trips here for those interested in seeing them, remember
most are in 360 definition you can change most into 1080.  Now some of these we have got webpages at
an ealier time I will put a link to the webpage.
Junior's Place Wellborn, FL 4/9/2014
April 9 ·  · Taken at Junior's Place Restaurant
Today we took a nice ride to Junior's Place Restaurant for lunch. The ride was posted on Lets
Ride Gainesville. What nice roads. I was also experimenting with my Go Pro 3 and I am very
satisfied with the camera on still pictures. All of the pictures in the album are taken on the move
with the Go Pro. Now when we stopped at the river the last 3 pictures where taken with my
Samsung S-4. Tomorrow I will see what I can do with the video of the Go Pro 3 that I took today...
Falling Rock Falls (Lake City, FL)
April 2 ·  · Taken at Falling Creek Chapel
Another great day for a ride. Joe and Susan told me they were down and wanted to know if we
wanted to do a ride Wednesday. We are always ready to make a ride. So we set this ride up on
Let’s Ride Gainesville. Now it’s no big ride but it did take up most of the day because we were on
relaxed mode! The total miles were about 84. We first visited Falling Rock Falls, with all of this
rain I though wow the falls should be great….. Wrong! The water was so high that there was no
drop for the falls, it was just rapids. So this time we also took the right turn on the board walk, we
found out it would lead you on the trail and take you right back to the parking lot. I was sure I
was going to get some video of Glenn walking across on a limb over the water, but he also figure
he would be wet doing it, but I was ready with the camera. Next stop was the Falling Rock church
where our buddies got married at. We took our time no rush here, next stop was Mike’s Café in
Lake City. They sure do have good food and they remembered us. We were home in no time
taking back roads, and saying back roads we stopped on one of my favorites. There we said
most of our goodbyes and preceded on. We did catch a glimpse or two of the Direct TV blimp in
the sky as we were riding country roads. Well everybody was branching off as the ride was
ending. Last stop was at Hitchcock in Alachua, were we said good bye’s to Joe & Susan, found
out they know of the music festival on Long Island that our buddy Michael D goes to, not far from
them, small world. Great day, great weather, food, ride, and friends………
Sanford, FL 4/12/2014
April 12 ·  · Taken at Port Steak & Seafood
Our Trip to Sanford,
Again I am amazed with the GoPro 3 Black Edition, most of the pictures here are taken with the
GoPro. Even one or two of our stops was taken with the GoPro the rest with the Samsung
NX1000. Always, like everybody else so happy to ride on the weekend. Again we had some nice
weather. Our first stop other than gas stop was to check out the Auto Train in Sanford, FL. What
a neat operation, after checking it out we realized we should not have any problem with loading
our bikes on the Auto Train when we make our big trip this summer. Next stop was the Port Steak
& Seafood, located right off of Lake Monroe. We had our meal and then a little walk around. Now
when riding up to here we went through the old section of Sanford which looked very inviting…..
Maybe an overnight trip soon. Next stop
Seminole Harley-Davidson, you know I had to get my poker chip and I did. Nice dealership, we
spent some time there, met one of my old friends there too, and then quick stop for gas and back
on the road.
I changed the route as we got on the out skirts of Ocala. Our last stop was at Pearls in Micanopy,
of course when our friends hear Pearls they think of all of us eating but this stop was just that,
we had some fun talking and sitting on the picnic tables. Okay let’s see if I can get today's trip
Gator Joe's (4/6/2014)
April 6 ·  · Taken at Gator Joe's Beach Bar & Grill
Nice ride with Lets Ride Gainesville to Gator Joe's. Karen and Ed put this together along with one
of my favorite bridges...... Also got my new Go Pro 3 and shot all video and pictures with it. did
have to re size but overall loving the camera.
Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach 4/13/2014
April13 ·  · Taken at Roy's Restaurant
Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach, nice ride not too far but a lot of stopping and cutting up. Today
we started out a David’s Barbeque in Gainesville, this ride just like most all of them was a Let’s
Ride Gainesville ride. I think we had 13 bikes and some great weather. !st stop Roy’s, nice being
right on the water while enjoying our meal. We were in no rush just taking our time and enjoying
the moment. Next stop Keaton Beach, we went there a few months ago when Karen made this
route, but back then it was cold. We still talk about going there in the summer and do some
swimming at the same time getting a ride in. Also with the little restaurant right there should
make a great day trip! Once again running out of day light it was time to head home. One last gas
stop before we got on US 19. At our gas stop we started taking some time, I mean we all were
having a great time just talking and joking then saying our good byes. Later down the road as we
were leaving Newberry Marcia and I cut off as everybody else when by which again brought an
end to our weekend riding with our buddies….. Until next weekend
St. George Island, FL (5/25-26/2014)
Taken at St George Island, Florida
Alright most of you seen our pictures yesterday of our St. Mary’s ride, here are the pictures of
our St. George Ride. Both of these rides where posted on Let’s Ride Gainesville. The beat goes
on; Bill is down visiting with us from Bainbridge, GA and joined us on the St. Mary’s ride, and is
spending the night with us for the St. George Island ride. This was a quick spontaneous ride
when it came to planning; somewhere not able to get a room, and at the same time I see we are
going to have to plan this ride again because a lot of people told me they wanted to go but could
not, so yes we will be doing this again. Bill will be leaving us after the buffet in Crawfordville, so
that just left six of us to head over to the Buccaneer in St. George Island. Wow all of these
buffets; we met over in Alachua for a KSU @ 10am at Browns Buffet and our first stop is the
buffet in Crawfordville Savannah’s Buffet. One quick note when we met up at Browns Buffet, at
the gas station by Browns where a few more bikes, I walked over to say hi and noticed a few face
I last saw when we made this same ride to the Buccaneer in St. George Island. Ralph, Bonnie, and
Bruce use to put this ride together once a year a while back, and they told me they have kept the
traditions every year I think Labor Day they make the trip. Alright time to ride. We took US 27 to
US 98 and just enjoyed the ride. First thing I noticed, the last time on US 98 they were working on
a bridge and had this steel graded bridge to cross until they finished the main bridge, it’s
finished. Wow a few months back we made a trip with Ed & Karen (St. Mark’s Lighthouse) and ate
at Savannah’s Buffet, checking it out for our stop on our next Thunder Beach trip, boy was this
place packed, but they still got us in and out fast with very satisfied belly’s. This is where we said
our good byes to Bill as he headed north to Bainbridge. We went through Sopchoppy, one day
we will not follow that curve and take a few minutes to check out their little town, looked very
interesting. The ride along the water is always a great sight to enjoy and that we did. In no time
we were once again passing by one of the smallest police stations in the USA in Carrabelle, FL.
Our next stop was just a few miles from our motel at a little grocery store where we picked up a
few supplies. To our rooms, bathing suits on, nice full size adult beverage, pool time! Now this is
where we socialize, cut up, and believe it or not a lot of our trips have come from these little pool
side meetings. The pool here is always nice, one of the only places I don’t have to jump in, just
the right temperature where I can walk in. I know we spent more than an hour in the pool, then off
to the beach, but first I had to reload my adult beverage. What a nice sunny day, light wind, we
had a nice long walk, then back to the rooms. We set up our meeting time, then got together and
off to Harry A’s for food and entertainment. The atmosphere here is neat, with the view of the
place, and they always seem to have a great band, just like last time they were already great but
the longer they played the greater they sounded. Everybody enjoyed this place but it was coming
to that time again, we headed back to the motel and stayed out by their deck overlooking the
beach for a little while then said good night to everyone. Monday morning has arrived, packed up
and we headed over to Beach Pit for breakfast. Then one gas stop on the other side of the
bridge. We stopped just north of Savannah’s Buffet at a Kangaroo station, and then back roads
for a while, the long way to US 27 and enjoyed it. Once again it seemed like we owned US 27
hardly any traffic, our destination was Lighthouse restaurant in Fanning Springs, before we could
get there we had to pull over and put some rain gear on, man there were some real big rain
drops. We gassed up just a couple of miles from the restaurant. The food as always was great,
boy did it pour while we were there, so nice to be inside eating at such a time. Our weekend came
to an end here; we all said our good byes and headed to our homes. We will be doing this one
St. Mary's, GA (5/24/2014)
May 27 ·  · Taken in Saint Marys, Georgia
Saturday May 24th I am thankful for all those who made it possible for us to have our freedom,
and enjoy life as we do. The start of our Memorial Day weekend, and we are ready to ride. We
have two trips planned for this weekend. Today we will be doing a day trip to St. Mary’s, GA. KSU
@ 9 am from Home Depot & Subway on US 441 with a quick trip up, no back roads for now. We
took most of US 301 up to Yulee were we got onto Interstate 95. They sure have made a lot of
progress on US 301 from Baldwin to Callahan soon it will be 4 lanes. St. Mary’s is a neat little
town with a lot to explore. We made no dent in our exploring mode but did have some time to
enjoy our little visit. Marcia and I have spent the weekend here before, and here is our webpage
of that trip: To give you more information
of things to do. Our first stop was the Riverside Café, today they opened at 11 am and we were
there around 11:30 there were no complaints, and they fed us and got us on our way so we could
explore. Oh yeah they also had some mighty nice looking deserts in their show case! Just
looking at the water front is pleasing to my eye. Across the street they have a boat ramp and a
neat park to explore which we did. Also this is where you can take the ferry to Cumberland Island,
and another to Fernandina Beach. As we were leaving the park, there were people setting up for a
wedding, neat place for a wedding. After leaving the park we did a little back track and headed to
the main road coming into St. Mary’s which has a neat little store on the corner which sells ice
cream and fudge. I mean they sell more than that, but all I could see is ice cream and fudge! Well
I only got an ice cream, but did get two scoops. After leaving the store we headed up the main
entrance into St. Mary’s and checked out some of the shops, and walked back to the bikes on a
couple of back roads, cutting up and having fun. Most of us here are also Eagle Riders which
belong to a F.O.E. They have a F.O.E. in St. Mary’s so we dropped in to visit. Like always we
were very welcomed, and today for them was special one of their members was having a wedding
there. Well daylight is burning time to point them south and we did. Quick gas stop before I-95
and off we were, slow it down, it’s time to enjoy some of those back roads, and we did. We did
stop in Macclenny for a break, then our last stop was in Brooker for everyone to say good bye.
Another Great day of riding with our buddies. The next day was an overnighter to St. George
Island, FL more on that trip tomorrow.
Lake Harris Hideaway 6/7/2014
June 10 ·  · Taken at Lake Harris Hideaway
I am still playing catch up from the weekend here is our Saturday adventure. The weekend is here
and Marcia is off, that means it’s time to ride. Now Marcia hasn't been to Lake Harris Hideaway
so I figured this would be a nice ride. So we posted this on Let’s Ride Gainesville met up with our
buddies, and off we went. We have a few ways of making this ride especially with all of the other
restaurants around that area like JB Boondocks, Hurricanes, and there is another that I want to
check out heading north on US 441 going over the bridge right before Hurricanes on the right
looks like a marina and restaurant anybody been there? Looking on the internet I think its Palm
Restaurant and Marina. We defiantly will be checking it out. At the Hideaway they were busy, a lot
of bikes and a great view on the water. After our meal some more back country roads then we
headed west just below Belleview and took some horse country roads to Gainesville. We also
have found another short cut on the way. When we reached Gainesville area we fueled up for
tomorrows ride and headed to Gainesville HD to check out Honoring Our Veterans Rally hosted
by the Concerned Veterans for America. Then it was time to head back home and plan our next
adventure for Sunday. Again like always a blast to ride with our buddies, we do have some nice
country roads in our area!
Crystal River the Dam Ride 6/8/2014
Taken in Crystal River, Florida
Alright Auto you and your brother got me motivated to keep this site up to date a little more!
Woke up to the smell and sound of our coffee pot, letting us know Sunday morning has arrived,
we will be riding soon, Oh yeah! We met up at Home Depot and Subway with the rest of Let’s
Ride Gainesville. Again we have a few different ways everywhere, no different with our trips to
Crystal River. We decided to take a couple of our back roads and check out the locks first. From
the locks looking to the west you can see the bridge going over the canal on US 19. The locks are
a good size and today there were 2 gators in it. This day we walked around the whole lock. Then
it was off to the Ale House. Had a good meal here the food always seems good, and also the view
is nice too. We took our time enjoyed our meal and then off to High Octane. I think we were at
High Octane maybe an hour, they always have a good band playing and always great prices on
drinks, I do appreciate this place! Soon it was just the four of us everybody else headed back
home. We are in no rush, so let’s check out the dam on the south side. Plenty of parking and I
saw a portie potie there too. We walked around and did our usual exploring then back to the
bikes to enjoy our ride home. Now when we posted this ride we did mention to bring your rain
gear, they called for 50% chance of rain and I thought we were home free but the last few miles
we had to pull into a Kangaroo station and weather it out. Even then we have a great time cutting
up and joking, talking about other trips that we do have to make. This again brought us to the
end of another great weekend.
Eagle's Poker Run 4/16/2014
Taken at Fraternal Order of Eagles
For the new officers of the Eagle Rides 4385 I give you two thumbs up for a great porker run. You
also picked some nice roads for the run. I know this was pretty quick for you guys but the
outcome was great! Not many people understand all that is involved. We met up at Eagle Landing
with a nice size group. This ride was to benefit awareness to Perthes Disease. I see our buddy
John C brought a lot of his friends from AMVETS, it was nice see you guys, and meeting you, and
there were some Gator Riders, Let’s Ride Gainesville Riders there too, North Central Florida is a
great place if you love motorcycle riding, with so many groups and some great bike nights and
tailgates. First stop was in Interlachen, I was glad to see they sold food too. Then off we went to
Howling Wolf and there were more people doing their own event there, just added to it. Another
neat little country road and next stop was Chiappinis. This is a neat little store which I see we
need to do more stops at on our rides home. Now to point them back to where we started! We did
make a quick stop so did one or two different groups to put on some rain gear on. With the rain
from 1 – 10 I considered that it was an 8, it rained hard, and the closer we got the harder it
rained. When I arrived I didn't hear any complaints, just seen a lot of people with smiles cutting
up and having a great time! To top it off we had Michael (Mr. October) keeping it going with his
tunes, and doing the auction, making this a fantastic poker run! A special thanks to all of those
who made this possible. Then it cleared up and it was time for me to head home. Had a Great day
Red's Breakfast & Lunch 6/21/2014 June 21
Taken at Red's Restaurant
Another great day of riding with our buddies. Today we checked out a place called Red’s in
Hernando, FL. I also met one of my Facebook friends Henry in person, and his buddy Mark.
Henry knows of a lot of neat places to check out. He brought this one to my attention, and it was
great! Definitely one of those places we will be coming back to. Food was great, service, volume,
and new friends. On the way over we did get some rain, looked like it was going to be a lot worse
than what it was. We did have to pull over to put our rain gear on, after last weekend everybody
decided to put the pants on too. When it was time to leave Red’s Glenn & Wayne needed to head
back so they pointed them north and we pointed them south. Because of the rain we decided not
to stop at Sleepy Hollow but did keep our route heading south with neat little roads all the way to
98. There at 98 & I 75 we made a quick stop and then we had more back roads that we have never
been on yet, it was time to explore. It’s always is a neat feeling going down some of these roads
you never ventured on. We took a lot of these little roads that you were sure that they going to
turn to dirt but they did not. Most of these were in horse country area. Last stop was in
Gainesville same place we got hammered at 2 weekends ago. Only dry this time. Great friends,
new friends, great roads, were always ready to ride.
JB Fish Camp 6/22/2014
June 22 ·  · Taken at Jb's Fish Camp
Today our destination was JB Fish Camp that was posted on LetsRide Gainesville, one of Michel’
s friends; Henry suggested this place, thanks Henry! As usual we met up at the Home Depot
Parking/Subway parking lot. Starting off we had 6 bikes and 7 riders. We picked up another bike
and two more riders, so off we were to New Smyrna Beach for lunch. Great ride but a little hot,
but that soon changed in the last few miles before the restaurant.
The parking lot is not the best, hard packed sand and gravel but doable. But folks the location is
great, right on the intercostal waterway. They have outdoor dining but with the rain coming in we
were seated inside. The manager there was outstanding and we were seated pretty quickly, boy
this place was busy, but the staff knew what they were doing and the service was superb. The
food it was outstanding, and we will be back. After a good, I will say it again good lunch we all
gathered together for the ride home.
Michel had a great plan for a leisurely ride home but there was some pretty nasty weather coming
in and we had to make some adjustments. At the first gas station stop we put our rain gear on for
the anticipated rain. On the outskirts of Deland we got the rain but the ride was still enjoyable
until we were almost to 326 and 441, that’s when the skies really let go. I tell you it got dark and
nasty, so nasty we had to get off the road, and as luck would have it we zipped into the Winn
Dixie parking lot and ran for cover. As usual we made the best of it and had a little snack and
waited out the worst of the storm.
The rain storm calmed a bit and we made a run for it. A great day with wonderful friends fantastic
lunch, and a nice ride. Can’t wait to do it again.
St. Mary’s Labor Day Weekend 8/30/2014
Taken in St. Marys, Georgia
Has been move because now it has it's own webpage and video click on writing above for the link
Biketober Fest 2014
Taken in Daytona Beach, Florida
What a nice day for a ride. Everybody should have a great time at Biketober fest this weekend,
looks like great weather. Marcia works this weekend so today was the day if we were going. The
trip to Daytona seems to be getting shorter and shorter every time. Our first stop was just a few
miles from Destination Daytona at that new gas station, here we filled up and didn't have to stop
for gas for the rest of the day. Next stop was Destination Daytona, wow they sure seemed more
crowed. It was cool seeing Ride Like A Pro there, they always have a great show, and if you
follow their dvd you will master your bike. Time to feed, you have a couple of options, we went to
the Pig Stand, this isn't the first time we just got to our table and just getting set up and here
came our food, which was good as always. Well time was moving fast and we had to do
something, so we took our little short cuts and in no time were at Main Street checking it out. It
seemed crowded as usual, but no traffic on the main street bridge. Time for a cold beverage at
Froggy’s, then off to Beach Street. Now Beach St. since they tore those buildings down just
doesn't seem the same to me, looks smaller, also the old Harley Davidson is now Indian. We
walked both sides and wanted to go to the speedway, but time was not on our side so we started
home. One quick stop in East Palatka for a cup of coffee and to change to our night time glasses.
Other than the fact of watching out for the deer, the night ride too was very nice and pleasant.
Did shoot a little video, maybe tomorrow I may have a little clip of the trip……
Eagle Ride for October 2014 (Treasure Camp)
October 26, 2014 ·  · Taken at Treasure Camp on the Suwannee
This was our Eagle Riders ride for October. We left Gainesville at the Aeries and our first stop
was Treasure Camp. We rode some nice little roads to get there and there were plenty of country
sights and smells. Wow how cool, they now have a buffet, now I have them as a likes on my
Facebook and I do remember that they did start a buffet but forgot all about it until Marcia was
walking up to me and told me, what a way to even brighten a day up even more. We spent some
time taking in the sights there, and then it was time to move on. Leaving Treasure Camp it is a
nice back road to Cedar Key. Some of our group split up once we came to SR 24 the rest went to
Cedar Key. This time we did ride right through the main part of Cedar Key before we parked.
Then on foot we started exploring. After checking everything out we were on our way to the F.O.
E. in Cedar Key. They also have some picnic tables outside and this is where we kicked back for
a little while and enjoyed everybody’s company. Then once again time did not stand still and we
needed to head back home. What a Great Day of riding…..
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San Antonio (Go For A Ride Route)
November 8, 2014 ·  · Taken at On Q Smokehouse Grill
Another Great day. We posted this ride on LRG and today we had a small group but great time.
The weather was in our favor and I am experimenting with layering clothes, trying to find the right
combination and I think I got it. We met up at David’s BBQ and took the interstate to get us to our
destination to start our ride. Our ride we did today was in the magazine Go For A Ride. It was in
the November issue and was titled 48 miles of smiles and it was. Since we were close to the town
of San Antonio we stop in and checked out On Q Smokehouse Grill. Hey this place is neat; I took
a few pictures and a little video of the place. I asked about the special which was a hamburger
with pulled pork, coleslaw, onion rings, and it was great! Before I even tasted mine Ed just tried
his and he had this weird look on his face, so I hesitated tasting mine and asked what’s up? I was
pleased to hear him say it was one of the best hamburgers he has had followed by Glenn saying
it too. Yes it did fill me up, and now it was time for our ride! The roads were nice and we enjoyed
them, knowing a little of the area from other rides we added to this ride heading north. In the past
we have been to Sleepy Hollow and we know the roads south of there which are also great. So we
combined them, I have to say at the end when we rounded that one curve and saw Sleepy Hollow
it was hard for me to pass up an adult beverage, but I did, next time! I was right at 203 miles it
was time to top off our tanks and we did at the little gas station coming from Sleepy Hollow
intersecting US 41. You could feel the weather cooling down a bit time to change jackets. On we
pushed north; you know SR41 is a nice ride. We were going to bee line it to I-75 but we were
almost an hour ahead of time. So we just enjoyed the sights and the country of 41. In no time we
were in Williston. We stopped at the little mini mart where SR 121 and SR 41 split. Yep one more
layer, and also said our good byes. When we came to SR 121 and I-75 we took I-75 to book home,
one by one I watched the group get smaller as Marcia and I headed to Alachua. Somehow when
we got home we turned just a little of 300 miles of fun! Now looking forward to Bikers on Parade
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Gainesville HD my trip with Scooting America
November 15, 2014 ·  · Taken at Gainesville Harley-Davidson and Buell
This was fun for me, and already I am following their GPS tracking map of where they are. I spent
a lot of time last night making the video of the little time I rode with them, and thought before it
gets too far into their trip I would go ahead and post these pictures of yesterday. One of the
bikes had issues so we got a late start. Gainesville HD got them rolling. But at the same time it
was giving me some time to meet these guys, and yes Scooter, who I also introduced to our own
2Wheels. Well it was soon time to start riding. We left Gainesville HD and headed down 39th then
to 232 then into High Springs. Man what a nice day and the AC on my bike was working just right!
That little Scooter is one cool dog! High speeds he is in his home, when we slow down he is
checking it out, I mean big time. It cracked me up at the gas stop there was a big dog barking and
let me tell you Scooter let him know of his presents. Well I knew my ride with them would be
short, time was moving along and we had lunch in Perry, FL and that is where I said my
goodbyes, I got to make some new friends, and had a good time here are the pictures.
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Outback Crab Shack 2014
December 6, 2014 ·  · Taken at Outback Crab shack
We posted this ride on LetsRide Gainesville and met up at Home Depot & Subway.
Weather was just right. We took the long way which brought us into Starke from the
North West. We rode a few nice little back roads. Soon we were crossing the
St Johns River and it was a neat sight with some fog. We made it on schedule with our
time frame at Outback Crab Shack. Nice day outside so we sat outside.
Wow, Marcia pointed out to me they have a 1 pound hamburger, and it was good!
The only problem I find with the larger burgers is you have to hold that hamburger
the whole time you’re eating it otherwise they kinda fall a part, this one here had two
Patties and both seemed very large, at this time this is no problem because I have mastered the grip on
hamburgers. After the meal we did a little bit of exploring, we noticed the water was high in fact higher
than the seating area outside, which to me looked kinda neat. Then it was time to move on, we
headed south on 13 with a quick Stop in East Palatka to say goodbyes.
Remember the Toy Run is tomorrow Sunday……
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16th Annual Ocala Harley Owners Group Toy Run
December 7, 2014 ·  · Taken at Harley-Davidson of Ocala
Eagle Riders had decided to do their monthly ride to Ocala Hog’s 16 Annual Toy Run. They
posted in LetsRide Gainesville and we met up as a group, and then headed to the main meet up in
Gainesville. Wow a lot of groups converged here; it was really cool to see all of these people and
bikes ready to participate in the Toy Run just from Gainesville. Great meeting up with everybody,
then it was time to point them south and move on, with a police escort. We pulled in Harley-
Davidson of Ocala and there were many! It was nice to have a little time to walk around before we
had to saddle up and head to the square. At the square we spent some time watching the kids
picking out Christmas presents, all the looks and decision making on their faces. They had a lot
toys to pick from! Next thing on our agenda was to get something to eat. After filling our bellies it
was time to head back to Gainesville. Since this was our Eagle Ride, we ended up at Eagles
Landing, with a few back roads, and some more socializing, and also remembering this special
day, Pearl Harbor Day, then said our goodbyes and headed home. ….
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Gators Riverside Grill 12/26/2014
Updated about a month ago · Taken at Gators Riverside Grille
What a nice sunny day,
weather was just right. Karen found this
place so it was now explore mode to check it out Gators Riverside Grill Located
in Sanford, FL. The day after Christmas,
I did not think we would have a big group and we didn’t but still posted it on
Let’s Ride Gainesville. Our first stop
was at CR 314 A and SR 40 by the Kangaroo Gas station, just a stop in case we
had any riders joining us from Ocala. Then on we pushed. As we got
closer to Hwy 42 we noticed a cloud front, didn’t get any pictures of it but
may have some video of it. Soon as we
entered that the sun was gone, and we had some overcast. We rode right through the main street
through the Historic section, sure does look nice. Then we were just a few miles from Gators
Riverside Grill. The way I miss spell
words this one kinda messed me up on their website Grill is spelled
Grille. I had a corn beef wrap and it
was really good, Marcia had the blacken fish, but was a little spicy for her,
didn’t hear any other complaints. This
again is one of those rustic restaurants on the water, mixed with a little age,
the way I like it! After checking the
place out it was time to point them North and head back to Gainesville
area. I had a nice route planned but
once again we ran out of sunlight, or would soon. We followed the route home but when we got
Ocklawaha we decided it was best to head to Belleview and get on 441. We said our goodbyes in
Belleview, changed
our glasses to night time, and then pushed north. It’s always great getting on your bike and
exploring, makes it even better that you have a lot of buddies who love doing
the same thing. Like always the closer to home the smaller
the group until it was just Marcia and I heading home. At least Marcia got a ride in before she has
to work the weekend.
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Blue Springs 1/26/2015
No pictures on this one just a video, all my pictures did not come
out good enough because
of the wind.  On our website we have another
visit to Blue Springs with better pictures.
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date webpage.  
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Riverside Inn 11/30/2014
November 30, 2014 ·  · Taken at Riverside Inn
Sunday 11/30 Ride to Riverside Inn in Yankeetown

The weather once again was great, lots of sunshine and no rain. Temperature did touch 79* at
one point. This one was another post by Karen on LetsRide Gainesville Once again we met at
Home Depot and Sub way by 441 & 53rd. We left and headed to 241 on Millhopper road which is
always a great road to ride. Today there were I believe 14 of us. Seemed like we were there in no
time. This use to be Ike's Old Florida Kitchen, same building and same lodge. They still have the
boat tours behind the restaurant on the river, and it still is enjoyable just taking in the scenery.
The food was good, a few of us decided we would see if we could get double meat for the
hamburgers and we did. It did seem to take a little bit of time to get our food, but also another
large group like ours just came in right after us, which might have had something to do with it.
Pretty neat got to see some more new faces. We had all intentions to go to High Octane next but
we were behind schedule so we took a vote and only a few went to High Octane the rest pushed
on home. We said our goodbyes in Archer. As I headed home and turned off from the other two
bikes that was in our group, I still had a nice ride on 241 and ended following 2 other motorcycles
heading home too I assume. Until next week…….
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McHenrys Restaurant
November 16, 2014 ·  · Taken at McHenrys Irish Pub
Well they finally fixed my AC on my bike, this is so much better. Well yesterday or the day before
I seen where ED and Karen posted this ride on Let’s Ride Gainesville, and I was ready. I know
Marcia is ready too only problem she is once again working. We met as usual at Home Depot &
Subway off of US 441 in Gainesville, FL. We met some new friends today which was great,
knowing they have the same passion. Karen took us on another great little adventure, and once
again to this neat little restaurant. Lately I have been trying a lot of these hamburgers out and the
last few times I have had some great burgers. Once again I had a great burger this time at
McHenrys. Well we did our usual cutting up and eating and soon it was time to enjoy a nice rice
before ending this weekend. Karen in the past has found this neat little road that I enjoyed and
today I would again. Soon the ride came to an end; we said our goodbyes at the intersection of
121 & 231 after our goodbyes I asked Glenn where is that big oak tree that I heard so much
about. He said it was just up the road on SR121 so me and Glenn finished the ride off by the big
oak tree and my friends it is BIG!! Now I wanted to check it out because I heard it was on a dirt
road, no problem here, it is a nice packed dirt road, so we will end one of our rides here in the
future. This closes our riding this weekend, but now I am already looking forward to next
weekend when my Baby can join me, see you on the road. Might have a little video later of the
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